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160 Quest Dialogue

Let us depart for Camp Dragonhead, . Our old friend Lord haurchefant is expecting us.
Quest: Coming To Terms (#65590)         [TEXT_GAIUSE403_00054_ALPHINAUD_000_020]
Likewise, Lord haurchefant. Forgive us yet another imposition─I fear we have relied overmuch on your aid since you so generously assisted us in locating the Enterprise.
Quest: Coming To Terms (#65590)         [TEXT_GAIUSE403_00054_ALPHINAUD_000_064]
Ever since the Battle of Silvertear Skies, the city-state of Ishgard has kept her neighbors at arm's length. Not even the threat posed by the VIIth Legion was enough to coax the reclusive nation back to the negotiating table. Now, however, after two decades of near silence, they have reached out─but to what end? Regardless of Ser Aymeric's agenda, Alphinaud is resolved to advance his own. Travel with him to Camp Dragonhead and speak with Lord haurchefant upon your arrival.
Quest: Coming To Terms (#65590)         [TEXT_GAIUSE403_00054_SEQ_02]
Speak with haurchefant at Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: Coming To Terms (#65590)         [TEXT_GAIUSE403_00054_TODO_01]
Happily, however, I am not. I would know more of this attack. Let us speak with Lord haurchefant and find out what he has learned.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_ALPHINAUD_000_002]
The trail is yet warm. We must act swiftly─as Lord haurchefant said─lest crucial evidence be lost.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_ALPHINAUD_000_016]
Lord haurchefant─what was the caravan's cargo?
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_ALPHINAUD_000_077]
We must needs find the heretics and─ No, it will avail us naught to rush. Let us hear what Lord haurchefant has to say first.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_ALPHINAUD_100_000]
Move along, adventurer. There's nothing for─ Eh? Lord haurchefant bid you speak with us? Then you must be─ Beg your pardon, Scion.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_FORTEMPSGUARD00057_000_040]
(-Taciturn Temple Knight-)...I shall inform the lord commander at once. Lord haurchefant, you would agree that discretion is of paramount concern?
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_LUCIA_000_080]
(-Taciturn Temple Knight-)I am come to hear Lord haurchefant speak, not you.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_LUCIA_100_001]
Given the decidedly unfortunate timing of Iceheart's most recent attack, Alphinaud cannot help but wonder if the gods themselves are conspiring against him. Yet even if they were, he would not hesitate to defy them. Follow him and speak with Lord haurchefant to learn more of the heretics' activities.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_SEQ_01]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: The Intercession Of Saints (#65593)         [TEXT_GAIUSE404_00057_TODO_00]
Lord haurchefant is more than a little distressed that you did not think to involve him in your daring endeavor. Though plainly overjoyed that you survived, it is clear that the stress has taken its toll on him. Composing himself, he informs you that Ser Aymeric has requested a private audience with you and Alphinaud in the intercessory, though he makes no mention of what the lord commander wishes to discuss.
Quest: The Road Less Traveled (#65622)         [TEXT_GAIUSE416_00086_SEQ_03]
Speak with haurchefant at Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: The Road Less Traveled (#65622)         [TEXT_GAIUSE416_00086_TODO_01]
Lord haurchefant will know where Ser Aymeric means to receive us.
Quest: The Wyrm's Roar (#65908)         [TEXT_GAIUSE603_00372_ALPHINAUD_000_001]
Pray ask Lord haurchefant to direct us to the meeting place when you are ready.
Quest: The Wyrm's Roar (#65908)         [TEXT_GAIUSE603_00372_ALPHINAUD_000_002]
Eager to begin his meeting with Ser Aymeric, Alphinaud puts the Gates of Judgement behind him. Return to Camp Dragonhead and ask Lord haurchefant where the audience is to be held.
Quest: The Wyrm's Roar (#65908)         [TEXT_GAIUSE603_00372_SEQ_01]
After welcoming you with his customary warmth, Lord haurchefant informs you that Ser Aymeric awaits within the nearby intercessory. Speak with the House Fortemps guard to gain entry to the audience chamber, and announce your arrival to the lord commander.
Quest: The Wyrm's Roar (#65908)         [TEXT_GAIUSE603_00372_SEQ_02]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: The Wyrm's Roar (#65908)         [TEXT_GAIUSE603_00372_TODO_00]
...But I fear we have been left with little alternative. We cannot well abandon Lord haurchefant and Ser Aymeric to their fate.
Quest: An Allied Perspective (#65954)         [TEXT_GAIUSE606_00418_ALPHINAUD_000_031]
We should make for Camp Dragonhead and speak with Lord haurchefant. Mayhap...mayhap he will know what to do.
Quest: The Parting Glass (#65963)         [TEXT_GAIUSE615_00427_ALPHINAUD_000_060]
Lord haurchefant has agreed to grant us succor. He says that we will be safe here...
Quest: The Parting Glass (#65963)         [TEXT_GAIUSE615_00427_ALPHINAUD_000_070]
Your promised help turns out to be none other than Cid Garlond, who is prepared to spirit you away from Thanalan aboard the Enterprise. But where will you go? Somewhere beyond the reach of the Monetarists and the Crystal Braves both, Pipin offers, prompting Alphinaud to conclude that Coerthas is your best choice. And so you part ways with the young vice marshal, who swears to do what he can to clear your names, and climb aboard the Enterprise. After what seems a short journey, you disembark near Camp Dragonhead, where a downcast Alphinaud proposes you seek Lord haurchefant's counsel.
Quest: The Parting Glass (#65963)         [TEXT_GAIUSE615_00427_SEQ_03]
You receive a customarily warm welcome from Lord haurchefant, who has already had the particulars of your tale from Alphinaud. Though plainly sympathetic to your plight, it would seem that he has a tale of his own to tell...
Quest: The Parting Glass (#65963)         [TEXT_GAIUSE615_00427_SEQ_04]
Speak with haurchefant at Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: The Parting Glass (#65963)         [TEXT_GAIUSE615_00427_TODO_02]
You learn that the Dravanians renewed their assault on Ishgard in your absence, and that several wyverns broke free into the city proper. The beasts were duly slain, though not before wreaking considerable havoc, and so it comes as little surprise that your petition for asylum will not be heard until the threat to Ishgard has diminished. For the time being, Lord haurchefant invites you and Alphinaud to join your companions in the intercessory. Speak with the knight stationed outside to gain entry, and find out who awaits you within.
Quest: Before The Dawn (#65964)         [TEXT_GAIUSE616_00428_SEQ_01]
To your surprise, you find Tataru and Yugiri waiting for you in the intercessory, the refugee leader having rescued the young receptionist from Crystal Braves in Limsa Lominsa. Together, you learn, they traveled to the Waking Sands, where Urianger cast a powerful glamour to mask the presence of those taking refuge within. This small blessing is soon tempered by the realization that, aside from you and Alphinaud, every other Scion who attended the banquet remains unaccounted for. Succumbing to a fit of melancholy, Alphinaud curses himself for being blind to the traitors in his midst, and foolishly believing that he could save the world single-handedly. Seeing this, Lord haurchefant and Tataru remind him that all is not lost─that they still have allies to whom they can turn. With these words ringing in their ears, the remnants of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn resolve to resume their journey, and seek their step at a time.
Quest: Before The Dawn (#65964)         [TEXT_GAIUSE616_00428_SEQ_02]
Lord haurchefant of House Fortemps commands the garrison at Camp Dragonhead. Present to him this letter of introduction, and he will surely be receptive to your needs.
Quest: The Rose And The Unicorn (#66426)         [TEXT_GAIUSB608_00890_FRANCEL_000_056]
Lord Francel laments that this is only the latest in a series of incessant accusations against House Haillenarte. Alas, he will likely have to answer to the inquisitors, even if the charges are without merit. Given these circumstances, he cannot assist you in your search for the airship. Instead, he furnishes you with a letter of introduction to House Fortemps, assuring you that Lord haurchefant of Camp Dragonhead will offer you his full support.
Quest: The Rose And The Unicorn (#66426)         [TEXT_GAIUSB608_00890_SEQ_02]
Lord haurchefant's face darkens as he reads the contents of the missive and learns of the charges against Lord Francel. Putting his frustrations aside, he invites you to stay in Camp Dragonhead as a guest of House Fortemps, and states that he will make inquiries on your behalf. Having found a powerful friend in Coerthas, it may be wise to repay his kindness.
Quest: The Rose And The Unicorn (#66426)         [TEXT_GAIUSB608_00890_SEQ_03]
Deliver the letter to haurchefant.
Quest: The Rose And The Unicorn (#66426)         [TEXT_GAIUSB608_00890_TODO_01]
A fine evening to you, miss. Lord haurchefant tells me you possess a great deal of experience─certainly more than the green boys I mean to test today. If you will allow, I would like to even the odds by setting all three against you. No objections, yes? Then let us begin─knights, to arms!
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_NPC_000_010]
Hah! You certainly live up to Lord haurchefant's expectations! 'Twas a privilege to watch you fight, miss.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_NPC_000_015]
Lord haurchefant has a humble request.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_SEQ_00]
Lord haurchefant has asked that you help train his knights while you wait for your inquiries to bear fruit. Speak with the storied knight outside the western walls to learn how you might be of service.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_SEQ_01]
The veteran wastes no time, immediately calling out to three young knights under his command, who attack you without warning. However, their greater numbers are no match for your superior skill. Inform Lord haurchefant that you have done as requested.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_SEQ_02]
Lord haurchefant praises your performance, admitting that he observed everything from the stronghold's walls. Remarking that you are doubtless a woman of action, he proposes that you take a more active role in his inquiries into the whereabouts of the Enterprise.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_SEQ_03]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: Feats Of Strength (#66432)         [TEXT_GAIUSB701_00896_TODO_01]
Halone, grant me strength! There must be some way to─ Oh, who are you? A friend of Lord haurchefant?
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_CRAVELLIN_000_020]
I gather you have been busy since last we spoke. Lord haurchefant's missive was positively glowing. But if you think that his endorsement is cause for me to disregard Ishgardian policies, then you are sorely mistaken.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_FORLEMORT_000_030]
If Lord haurchefant wishes to waste his days chasing after a long-lost airship, then that is his choice. But if he expects others to share in his folly, then he is truly blind to the present state of affairs.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_FORLEMORT_000_032]
Lord haurchefant has a proposal for how you might participate in his investigation.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_SEQ_00]
Lord haurchefant explains that while the High Houses of Ishgard are unwilling or unable to offer you formal assistance in your search, there are nevertheless influential individuals in the High Houses that may be sympathetic to your cause. More specifically, he suggests that you speak with Lady Ninne of House Fortemps, Cravellin of House Haillenarte, and Chief Astrologian Forlemort of House Durendaire.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_SEQ_01]
Contrary to Lord haurchefant's expectations, the three Ishgardians provide you with no information relevant to your search. Return to Lord haurchefant and share with him your findings─or lack thereof, rather.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_SEQ_02]
With regret, Lord haurchefant tells you that his inquiries have yet to yield any useful information. It seems that the only topic of discussion in recent times is that of heretics in the High Houses...
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_SEQ_03]
Report to haurchefant.
Quest: The Talk Of Coerthas (#66433)         [TEXT_GAIUSB702_00897_TODO_03]
Lord haurchefant is concerned for Lord Francel's well-being.
Quest: Road To Redemption (#66446)         [TEXT_GAIUSB801_00910_SEQ_00]
Lord haurchefant has received a report that Lord Francel and several knights were seen heading towards the Steel Vigil, an outpost which was overrun by the Dravanian Horde long ago. Uncertain what has motivated this dangerous excursion, Lord haurchefant bids you travel to the ruined outpost, search for Lord Francel, and offer him succor if necessary.
Quest: Road To Redemption (#66446)         [TEXT_GAIUSB801_00910_SEQ_01]
Lord Francel thanks you for attending to his knights, and explains that their expedition was a foolhardy attempt to improve the reputation of House Haillenarte, which has suffered greatly since the loss of the Steel Vigil and the recent accusations of heresy. Though you have saved his life today, he explains that he will soon have no choice but to accept the judgment of the inquisitors...whatever it may be. Return to Lord haurchefant and tell him of all that has transpired.
Quest: Road To Redemption (#66446)         [TEXT_GAIUSB801_00910_SEQ_04]
Lord haurchefant thanks you for saving Lord Francel's life, and is pleased to inform you that a witness to the final flight of the Enterprise has been found. Unfortunately, your past visit to Skyfire Locks has become common knowledge, and the witness is reluctant to assist a foreigner who may have been consorting with an accused heretic. Lord haurchefant concludes that if you wish to obtain the witness's testimony, you will first need to clear Lord Francel's name.
Quest: Road To Redemption (#66446)         [TEXT_GAIUSB801_00910_SEQ_05]
Report to haurchefant.
Quest: Road To Redemption (#66446)         [TEXT_GAIUSB801_00910_TODO_03]
And if I had been the culprit, I would have never allowed you to search my shipments! Say what you will to Lord haurchefant─I will not be held accountable for this!
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_NPCB_000_046]
Lord haurchefant suspects that someone is conspiring against Lord Francel.
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_SEQ_00]
Upon learning of the circumstances in which the draconian rosary said to be Lord Francel's was discovered, Lord haurchefant has begun to suspect that the evidence may have been planted. He advises you to speak with Rickeman, a man in service to House Haillenarte, whom Lord haurchefant thinks might have knowledge of how such an act could be accomplished.
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_SEQ_01]
The porter denies any knowledge of the draconian rosaries, asserting that it would make no sense for him to allow you to search the parcels had he known what they contained. Consult with Lord haurchefant to determine the best course of action.
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_SEQ_05]
Lord haurchefant concludes that the rosaries are a blatant attempt to sully House Haillenarte's reputation. Having acquired what he believes is sufficient evidence, he exclaims that you and he must act quickly to stop Lord Francel's trial before it is too late.
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_SEQ_06]
Show the draconian rosaries to haurchefant.
Quest: Following The Evidence (#66447)         [TEXT_GAIUSB802_00911_TODO_04]
What is it, my child? Hm? Lord haurchefant would have the inquisitors do what?
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_BRIGIE_000_010]
Lord haurchefant, I have not the words to express my gratitude. But why would you risk your reputation to save mine?
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_FRANCEL_000_067]
Lord haurchefant has allowed his personal relationship with the accused to cloud his judgment. That he should harbor private doubts, I might have allowed...but that he would dare interfere in legal proceedings sanctioned by the Holy See, I cannot.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_GUILLAIME_000_048]
Your claims...would appear to have merit, Lord haurchefant. I shall withdraw my charges against Lord Francel, pending further investigation.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_GUILLAIME_000_065]
By this deed, you do disgrace your line, Lord haurchefant!
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_GUILLAIME_BATTLETALK_05]
Inquisitor, we are come on behalf of Lord haurchefant. My lord has uncovered evidence which suggests that the charges against Lord Francel are without merit.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_HOURLINET_000_046]
We must hold them until Lord haurchefant arrives, ! And remember─no harm can come to the inquisitor!
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_HOURLINET_000_050]
Look, look! Lord haurchefant is come!
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_HOURLINET_BATTLETALK_03]
Lord haurchefant needs your help to clear Lord Francel's name.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_00]
With Lord Francel's trial close at hand, Lord haurchefant bids you inform the inquisitors of your findings and petition them on behalf of House Fortemps to postpone the trial indefinitely. Relay Lord haurchefant's words to Inquisitor Brigie at Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_01]
Inquisitor Brigie informs you that Inquisitor Guillaime is already overseeing Lord Francel's trial at Witchdrop, and that it is impossible to call a halt to proceedings. Inform Lord haurchefant of this development.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_02]
Refusing to abandon Lord Francel to his fate, Lord haurchefant bids you rendezvous with one of his knights at Witchdrop, and do whatever is necessary to prevent Lord Francel from coming to harm. With Ser Hourlinet's aid, protect Lord Francel until Lord haurchefant arrives.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_03]
Inquisitor Guillaime ignores your pleas and instead commands his knights to slay you then and there. Even Lord haurchefant is unable to convince the inquisitor to yield─until you reveal that one of the Temple Knights was a heretic in disguise. Forced to acknowledge that there is merit to Lord haurchefant's claims of a conspiracy, Inquisitor Guillaime agrees to withdraw his charges and departs─though not before reminding you to stay focused on your search for the Enterprise. Now that Lord Francel's good name has been redeemed, return to Camp Dragonhead and ask Lord haurchefant to summon his reluctant witness.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_04]
Lord haurchefant thanks you for saving the young lordling's life, and indeed his own, at Witchdrop. Like you, he is eager to return to the matter of the Enterprise, and none too soon...
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_SEQ_05]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_TODO_01]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: In The Eyes Of Gods And Men (#66448)         [TEXT_GAIUSB803_00912_TODO_03]
I would thank Lord haurchefant as well, but I should not like to be seen as currying favor either for myself or for my house. I would present him with a gift under your name, if you are amenable.
Quest: A Cup Of Joy (#66449)         [TEXT_GAIUSB804_00913_AURELLE_000_002]
The High Houses of Ishgard are descended from the heroes who stood with Haldrath, the first Azure Dragoon. They are like brothers, Lord haurchefant says.
Quest: A Cup Of Joy (#66449)         [TEXT_GAIUSB804_00913_MEDGUISTL_000_022]
Thank you for delivering this, and serving as Ser Aurelle's decoy. Lord haurchefant has been quite deprived of his favorite indulgence since the cold grew so ferocious.
Quest: A Cup Of Joy (#66449)         [TEXT_GAIUSB804_00913_MEDGUISTL_000_024]
Ser Aurelle has a mind to discreetly present Lord haurchefant with a gift, for the great debt of Lord Francel's life and the honor of House Haillenarte. Speak with Emanuel and collect a bottle of Daniffen's Joy.
Quest: A Cup Of Joy (#66449)         [TEXT_GAIUSB804_00913_SEQ_01]
Emanuel entrusts you with a rare liquor of Ser Aurelle's choosing. Resist the fleeting urge to down the entire bottle and deliver it to Medguistl, a member of haurchefant's household.
Quest: A Cup Of Joy (#66449)         [TEXT_GAIUSB804_00913_SEQ_02]
What do we have here? Letters from Lords haurchefant and Francel, is it? A likely─ ...Oh, you're serious. Hmmm...what to do, what to do...
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_BRUNADIER_000_071]
Though Lord haurchefant is, from all indications, quite fond of you, so mayhap he can lend you a few? In any case, I have done my part. I shall pray for your success, friend.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_NPC_000_043]
Lord haurchefant would like to introduce you to his witness.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_SEQ_00]
Lord haurchefant has bid you speak with the witness he discovered. The man in question should be waiting outside.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_SEQ_01]
The cataloger quickly concludes that the airship landed somewhere near the Stone Vigil, which means that it was almost certainly seized by the garrison which occupied it at the time. Report your findings to Lord haurchefant and see what advice he proffers.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_SEQ_04]
Lord haurchefant explains that the Stone Vigil is currently held by Dravanian forces, and that all access to the ruined outpost is restricted by House Durendaire. To help you obtain permission to enter the Stone Vigil, he writes for you a letter of introduction to Lord Drillemont of Whitebrim Front. However, he suspects that his endorsement alone will not suffice, and he advises you to ask Lord Francel to write a letter for you as well.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_SEQ_05]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: The Final Flight Of The Enterprise (#66453)         [TEXT_GAIUSB808_00917_TODO_03]
But what are mere beasts to the brave adventurer who fought at Lord haurchefant's side!?
Quest: The Things We Do For Tea (#66723)         [TEXT_GAIUSE113_01187_EMANUEL_000_023]
Seemingly unfazed by the arrival of the recruits, Slafborn claims to be more worried about your unending workload. While he is dismissing your concerns, however, your conversation is interrupted by the arrival of an injured group of adventurers. You soon learn that the adventurers─and the provisions they were charged with escorting─were set upon by a band of Coerthan heretics near the border to Mor Dhona. Slafborn asks that you travel to Coerthas and aid House Fortemps in tracking down the stolen shipment meant for the frontier hands of Revenant's Toll. Make your way to Camp Dragonhead and call upon Lord haurchefant.
Quest: Heretical Harassment (#66994)         [TEXT_GAIUSE317_01458_SEQ_02]
You arrive in Camp Dragonhead to find Lord haurchefant yet unaware of the reason for your visit. Explain the situation to the head of House Fortemps, and discuss what must be done...
Quest: Heretical Harassment (#66994)         [TEXT_GAIUSE317_01458_SEQ_03]
Thank you for your understanding. I am certain Lord haurchefant will be glad of your assistance.
Quest: Heretical Harassment (#66994)         [TEXT_GAIUSE317_01458_SLAFBORN_000_037]
I will send a missive to Camp Dragonhead and let Lord haurchefant know of the attack, as well as your impending arrival. Fair fortune go with you, .
Quest: Heretical Harassment (#66994)         [TEXT_GAIUSE317_01458_SLAFBORN_000_040]
Speak with haurchefant at Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: Heretical Harassment (#66994)         [TEXT_GAIUSE317_01458_TODO_01]
Pray return to Dragonhead and inform Lord haurchefant of your discoveries. He will wish to plan contingencies of his own.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_DRILLEMONT_000_093]
Return to Camp Dragonhead and report all you have learned to Lord haurchefant. He must know of Snowcloak's secrets...
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_DRILLEMONT_000_100]
Lord haurchefant awaits confirmation of the reason for your visit to Camp Dragonhead.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SEQ_00]
A staunch supporter of the frontier effort in Mor Dhona, Lord haurchefant eagerly shares with you what little information he has regarding the heretics and their mysterious leader, the Lady Iceheart. Reasoning that your best chance to track down the supply thieves lies in Whitebrim and its heretic-infested environs, the garrison commander suggests you bring the matter before Lord Drillemont. Make your way west to Whitebrim Front, and speak with the head of House Durendaire.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SEQ_01]
Perturbed by the defeat of his elite soldiers, Lord Drillemont cautions you against rushing into what may well be a veritable den of heretics for the sake of a few provisions. Return to Camp Dragonhead and report this turn of events to Lord haurchefant.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SEQ_07]
After hearing your tale of what transpired at Snowcloak, the head of House Fortemps insists that the matter be turned over to the authority of the Temple Knights. Before sending you on your way, however, Lord haurchefant promises that another shipment of supplies will be sent to Revenant's Toll. Travel back to Mor Dhona and report to Slafborn.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SEQ_08]
Slafborn appears relieved to hear of Lord haurchefant's generosity. He warns, however, that the growing prosperity of Revenant's Toll will require that everyone─Alphinaud's new recruits included─remain vigilant against the schemes of the unscrupulous.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SEQ_09]
...House Fortemps is to send us a second shipment? I must send thanks to Lord haurchefant for his continued generosity.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_SLAFBORN_000_121]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: When The Cold Sets In (#66995)         [TEXT_GAIUSE318_01459_TODO_06]
You have learned the emote haurchefant!
Quest: The Burdens We Bear (#67015)         [TEXT_HEAVNZ029_01479_SYSTEM_000_073]
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, once proclaimed the saviors of Eorzea, are now condemned as murderers─betrayed by the Crystal Braves and forced to flee the banquet held to celebrate the very victory they helped to bring about. One by one, your comrades remained behind in a bid to aid your escape, until you alone emerged from the tunnels beneath Ul'dah to be reunited with Alphinaud and seek refuge in Coerthas. But will you ever find sanctuary behind the walls of Ishgard? Having bided your time in Camp Dragonhead for what feels like an age, you finally have your answer: yes. As wards of House Fortemps, you will be granted admission to the city proper. haurchefant will tell you more.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_SEQ_01]
As you arrive in Foundation, you find that the destruction wrought by the wyverns is still fresh. Nearby, a well-dressed man beckons to you─presumably the manservant of whom Lord haurchefant spoke.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_SEQ_04]
The House Fortemps manservant welcomes you to Ishgard, and bids you follow him to the family manor in the Pillars above, where haurchefant awaits.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_SEQ_05]
At the manor, haurchefant presents you to Count Edmont de Fortemps, who invites you to treat his home as your own. When Alphinaud expresses concern over the possible repercussions of harboring foreign fugitives, Edmont reassures you that your reputation does not concern him, and expresses confidence that his fellow Ishgardians will come to accept your presence given time.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_SEQ_06]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_TODO_00]
Speak with haurchefant outside Fortemps Manor in the Pillars.
Quest: Coming To Ishgard (#67116)         [TEXT_HEAVNA101_01580_TODO_04]
So this is what the inside of the manor of a High House looks like! To think that Lord haurchefant was raised here...
Quest: Taking In The Sights (#67117)         [TEXT_HEAVNA102_01581_TATARU_000_025]
...haurchefant has spoken of you often. If you are even half the woman he claims, I shall be glad to have you at my side.
Quest: Over The Wall (#67119)         [TEXT_HEAVNA104_01583_ARTOIREL_000_002]
Rumors have a way of growing more fantastic as they spread, and quite frankly, those surrounding you beggar belief. But haurchefant swore that all the stories were true. He championed your cause and begged Father to grant you patronage...
Quest: Knights Be Not Proud (#67125)         [TEXT_HEAVNA110_01589_ARTOIREL_000_021]
And there you were─the savior of Eorzea and honored guest of House Fortemps. My new comrade-in-arms. haurchefant's dear friend.
Quest: Knights Be Not Proud (#67125)         [TEXT_HEAVNA110_01589_ARTOIREL_000_025]
Plainly, haurchefant had the right of it all along. That I doubted your strength bespeaks mine own weakness. But I will not doubt you again, Mistress , on that you have my word.
Quest: Knights Be Not Proud (#67125)         [TEXT_HEAVNA110_01589_ARTOIREL_000_028]
Speaking with unaccustomed candor, Lord Artoirel admits that he long harbored doubts regarding your competence and motives, in part perhaps because Lord haurchefant─his bastard half-brother─holds you in such high esteem. When forced to decide who would pursue the heretics, he turned to you not out of an eagerness to bring Ishgard's enemies to justice, but out of a dark desire to see you fail. But after witnessing your willingness to risk all for the cause, as well as the aftermath of your handiwork, he sees that you are every bit the hero Lord haurchefant claimed, and swears never to doubt you again.
Quest: Knights Be Not Proud (#67125)         [TEXT_HEAVNA110_01589_SEQ_03]
haurchefant, is that you!? Thank heavens! Get us out of here!
Quest: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (#67131)         [TEXT_HEAVNA116_01595_EMMANELLAIN_BATTLETALK_000_021]
It quickly becomes clear that Lord Emmanellain has been taken to a nearby Vanu stronghold. Fearing the worst, Honoroit begs you to rescue his master before departing for Camp Cloudtop to seek help. Under cover of darkness, you attempt to free the young lord, and succeed with the aid of haurchefant, who arrives in the nick of time with a party of knights. However, the Vanu are too numerous, and you soon find yourselves surrounded with no means of escape.
Quest: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (#67131)         [TEXT_HEAVNA116_01595_SEQ_04]
The chieftain of the Vanu then cries out to the heavens, and a gargantuan flying whale appears to answer his call. Bismarck, Lord of the Mists, the chieftain names it, and haurchefant realizes with horror that the creature is a primal. Fortunately, before the monster can swallow you whole, Cid Garlond swoops down aboard the Enterprise and spirits you away.
Quest: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (#67131)         [TEXT_HEAVNA116_01595_SEQ_05]
But of course. Mistress , you have done more than enough here. Pray return to Ishgard with Lord haurchefant and give my warmest regards to the count.
Quest: A Reward Long In Coming (#67132)         [TEXT_HEAVNA117_01596_LANIAITTE_000_018]
Lady Laniaitte is shocked to hear that the Vanu have summoned a primal, and all agree that its presence must be behind the recent rise in Vanu hostility. Sensing his moment, Lord Emmanellain rather bluntly demands that the true hero of the hour be recognized, and for once, Lady Laniaitte agrees...and praises you for rescuing the young lord from a doom of his own making. More than satisfied with your efforts, she then invites you to return to Ishgard with Lord haurchefant, prompting Lord Emmanellain to conclude that he too is no longer needed. Make your journey back to the city and speak with Lord haurchefant once you have arrived.
Quest: A Reward Long In Coming (#67132)         [TEXT_HEAVNA117_01596_SEQ_02]
Lord haurchefant is a man who knows how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, particularly after cheating death in battle yet again. In spite of this, he cannot help but be concerned for the welfare of Lord Emmanellain, and suggests that you visit him back at the manor.
Quest: A Reward Long In Coming (#67132)         [TEXT_HEAVNA117_01596_SEQ_03]
Speak with haurchefant in Ishgard.
Quest: A Reward Long In Coming (#67132)         [TEXT_HEAVNA117_01596_TODO_01]
Lest you doubt, I am ready and willing to serve in this capacity, as I am sure is Lord haurchefant...but all here present know that you are the most accomplished warrior among us, and mayhap in the realm at large...
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_AYMERIC_000_031]
Lord haurchefant! Chocobos are prohibited in the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine! Your steed must remain outside!
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_GUARD01597_000_054]
Though Ser Aymeric believes your friends to be innocent, he is powerless to intervene as the knight who accused them is a member of the Heavens' Ward─the personal guard of the archbishop. These twelve chosen sers answer to none save the archbishop himself, and their testimony is unimpeachable. As such, under Ishgardian law, only the Fury Herself can disprove Ser Grinnaux's granting victory in a trial by combat between the accuser and the accused. Owing to his magical talents, Alphinaud must fight, but Tataru may claim the right to name a champion. And who else but the Warrior of Light could stand against the might of the Heavens' Ward? Make your preparations and speak to Lord haurchefant in the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine when you are ready to face the knights in battle.
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_SEQ_03]
Under the watchful gaze of the Fury, and the assembled gentry of Ishgard, you defeat Ser Grinnaux and Ser Paulecrain, thus earning your comrades their freedom. Afterwards, you find Lord haurchefant waiting for you. See what he has to say.
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_SEQ_04]
Still giddy with excitement, Lord haurchefant presents you with a gift to commemorate your victory: a fully trained black chocobo, much like the one that bore you to the western highlands─strong, obedient, and blessed with the power of flight! No longer will you be confined to the earth. Henceforth, the sky is the limit!
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_SEQ_05]
Speak with haurchefant in the Pillars.
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_TODO_02]
Speak with haurchefant.
Quest: Divine Intervention (#67133)         [TEXT_HEAVNA118_01597_TODO_03]
Lord haurchefant thinks you could do with a well-deserved rest.
Quest: Disclosure (#67134)         [TEXT_HEAVNA119_01598_SEQ_00]
Although the trial is ended, Lord haurchefant must attend to some minor formalities before Alphinaud and Tataru can be released. In the meantime, he suggests that you return to the manor, and discuss the day's events with Count Edmont.
Quest: Disclosure (#67134)         [TEXT_HEAVNA119_01598_SEQ_01]
After welcoming you back to Ishgard, Tataru bids you enter Fortemps Manor, where Lord haurchefant and Count Edmont wait to discuss the looming threat.
Quest: To Siege Or Not To Siege (#67138)         [TEXT_HEAVNA301_01602_SEQ_02]
I wouldn't have bothered you, but the city's awash with rumors of another Dravanian attack, and Lord haurchefant was desperate to get hold of you. Speaking of whom, he and the others are waiting for you inside, so you'd better head in!
Quest: To Siege Or Not To Siege (#67138)         [TEXT_HEAVNA301_01602_TATARU_000_011]
Estinien ponders the whereabouts of Nidhogg's missing eye, and muses over the great wyrm's sudden decision to hurl his entire army at the walls of Ishgard. Before he can come to a conclusion, however, the dragoon is interrupted by an urgent report from Ser Aymeric. It would seem that heretics have begun an uprising within the city itself. You return to Ishgard, and, with Ysayle's aid, seek to bring a peaceful end to the senseless destruction. Upon entering the war-torn city, you are reunited with Lord haurchefant. He quickly leads you to where a tense confrontation between the heretics and the Temple Knights threatens to explode into further violence. Lady Ysayle then tells her followers of the death of Nidhogg, and pronounces the Dragonsong War to be over. The heretics are thus persuaded to put up their arms, and retreat from the conflict at their mistress's command. Speak with Lord haurchefant in the aftermath of the uprising.
Quest: Unrest In Ishgard (#67172)         [TEXT_HEAVNA335_01636_SEQ_01]
Though Lord haurchefant has convinced the incredulous knights to abandon any pursuit, he appears almost equally bewildered by this unexpected turn of events...
Quest: Unrest In Ishgard (#67172)         [TEXT_HEAVNA335_01636_SEQ_02]
Speak to haurchefant.
Quest: Unrest In Ishgard (#67172)         [TEXT_HEAVNA335_01636_TODO_00]
Lord haurchefant has more than a few questions to ask.
Quest: He Who Would Not Be Denied (#67173)         [TEXT_HEAVNA401_01637_SEQ_00]
Lord haurchefant listens with increasing incredulity as you recount your journey to the Churning Mists with Estinien and Ysayle. Yet the fruits of this unlikely alliance are there for all to see: Nidhogg has fallen, and the heretics have quit the city in peace. Keen to break the news to his father and Ser Aymeric, haurchefant bids you join him at Fortemps Manor.
Quest: He Who Would Not Be Denied (#67173)         [TEXT_HEAVNA401_01637_SEQ_01]
Though glad of your victory, Count Edmont and the others are deeply troubled by the revelation that the Ishgardian faith is built upon a lie. Overcome with emotion, Ser Aymeric leaves to confront the archbishop with the truth, despite the others' warnings that he is certain to be branded a heretic for his trouble. Though all present are doubtful as to the wisdom of Ser Aymeric's plan, Lucia is determined to support her commander, going so far as to contemplate his rescue. She proceeds to reveal that Ser Aymeric is the illegitimate son of Thordan VII─a fact she hopes will serve to stay the archbishop's hand. Fearing the worst, however, you join Alphinaud, Estinien, and Lord haurchefant in volunteering to assist Lucia should the lord commander be taken prisoner. Find out how she means to proceed.
Quest: He Who Would Not Be Denied (#67173)         [TEXT_HEAVNA401_01637_SEQ_02]
Lord haurchefant! Over here!
Quest: Fire And Blood (#67175)         [TEXT_HEAVNA403_01639_QIB_BATTLETALK_ALPHINAUD_007]
At Hilda's request, Gibrillont orders his staff to clear the Forgotten Knight and grant you privacy, after which you explain your reasons for coming in full. As Alphinaud attempts to win the revolutionaries' cooperation─seemingly in vain─Ser Charibert, a knight of the Heavens' Ward, strides into the tavern, accusing you and the others of plotting insurrection. With no other options left to you, you accept his offer to step outside and face him in battle. Joined by Lord haurchefant and Lucia, you manage to overwhelm Ser Charibert, who withdraws. The joy of victory swiftly dissipates, however, when you learn that Ser Aymeric has been imprisoned, and the Heavens' Ward placed in command of the Temple Knights. Recognizing that the situation has come to a head, Hilda agrees to assist with the rescue mission.
Quest: Fire And Blood (#67175)         [TEXT_HEAVNA403_01639_SEQ_05]
When all others had forsaken us, Lord haurchefant took us in. Our beacon of hope in a world of darkness.
Quest: A Knight's Calling (#67176)         [TEXT_HEAVNA404_01640_ALPHINAUD_000_051]
Lord haurchefant, Estinien, Master Alphinaud, and I will make ready to breach the underground gaol and search for the lord commander. We will not move, however, until the second party has entered the Vault.
Quest: A Knight's Calling (#67176)         [TEXT_HEAVNA404_01640_LUCIA_000_021]
Rejoined by your companions and a wounded Ser Aymeric, you pursue Thordan VII, finally catching up with him as he prepares to board an airship and escape. After exchanging glances, you and Lord haurchefant rush headlong towards the vessel─but in your haste to apprehend your quarry, you fail to notice a transformed Ser Zephirin taking aim at you, a spear of pure light in his hand. Alert to the danger, Lord haurchefant bellows a warning and raises his shield in your defense, but the steel gives way, and the spear finds a mark... The airship forgotten, you and the others surround Lord haurchefant, who lies upon the ground struggling to breathe. As Ser Aymeric cradles him in his arms, the fallen knight looks to you with a mixture of agony and relief, and bids you favor him with a smile...before the light leaves his eyes forever.
Quest: A Knight's Calling (#67176)         [TEXT_HEAVNA404_01640_SEQ_05]
Alphinaud has ever prided himself on his words, but when faced with a grieving father, he could find none. As he reflects on the many ways in which Lord haurchefant helped you in the past, he grows quiet once more, and turns to look away...
Quest: A Knight's Calling (#67176)         [TEXT_HEAVNA404_01640_SEQ_08]
Life for death. I will have Ser Zephirin's heart for what he did to haurchefant.
Quest: The Sins Of Antiquity (#67177)         [TEXT_HEAVNA405_01641_A1_000_002]
Cid's cheery demeanor soon darkens when he learns of Lord haurchefant's death and the archbishop's escape. Though he can offer no insight into the meaning of “Azys Lla,” he surmises that it is the source of some phenomenal cosmic power which Thordan VII covets. Recognizing the gravity of the threat, he agrees to help, and bids you join him at the airship landing when you are ready to depart.
Quest: In Search Of The Soleil (#67178)         [TEXT_HEAVNA501_01642_SEQ_02]
I, uh, heard about your man haurchefant... Sorry for your loss, .
Quest: Into The Blue (#67179)         [TEXT_HEAVNA502_01643_BIGGS_000_016]
...Count Edmont bequeathed to you Lord haurchefant's shield? A noble gesture.
Quest: Hour Of Departure (#67198)         [TEXT_HEAVNA613_01662_ALPHINAUD_000_060]
He would not have told you, but when haurchefant begged me to accept you into our household, he described you as “hope incarnate.” At the time, I assumed that he was waxing lyrical, as was his wont. But I have come to see that he simply spoke the truth.
Quest: Hour Of Departure (#67198)         [TEXT_HEAVNA613_01662_EDMONT_000_022]
When haurchefant asked me to accept you into our household, he described you as “hope incarnate.” At the time, I assumed that he was waxing lyrical, as was his wont. But I have come to see that he simply spoke the truth.
Quest: Hour Of Departure (#67198)         [TEXT_HEAVNA613_01662_EDMONT_000_024]
In a touching gesture, Lord Edmont bequeaths to you the shield that his son used to save your life. Noble haurchefant...a man of no less courage than you, and no less honor, but one upon whom Hydaelyn never smiled. Inwardly, you reaffirm your vow to exact vengeance upon Ser Zephirin. Return to the airship landing and inform Alphinaud that you are ready to leave.
Quest: Hour Of Departure (#67198)         [TEXT_HEAVNA613_01662_SEQ_04]
Though haurchefant is gone, his spirit lives on within us all.
Quest: Heavensward (#67205)         [TEXT_HEAVNA707_01669_ARTOIREL_000_030]
During the ceremony, I felt haurchefant's presence. He was watching us from on high, with pride in his eyes and that customary smile on his lips...
Quest: Heavensward (#67205)         [TEXT_HEAVNA707_01669_EDMONT_000_023]
He has resumed training in the blade, you see, and has shown admirable dedication...for the most part. I believe he has a mind to take up Lord haurchefant's mantle─but if he is to succeed in this, he will need all the help he can get, and as few distractions as possible.
Quest: Heavensward (#67205)         [TEXT_HEAVNA707_01669_HONOROIT_200_001]
Still breathless from your exertions, you look up to see Estinien, who sullenly collects the Eye and its twin. Alas, in so doing, the dragoon falls prey to Nidhogg's lingering influence and is claimed as a vessel for the great wyrm's rage. No sooner has he departed than the facility begins to collapse around you, prompting Midgardsormr to appear once again, and bear you away to safety. Still reeling from what you have seen, you rejoin your comrades aboard the Excelsior, and are borne back to Ishgard and a hero's welcome. At the airship landing, Midgardsormr addresses Aymeric, and the two speak candidly of the future, their meeting marking the start of the journey towards peace between man and dragon. Some days later, the Holy See makes its long-awaited return to the Eorzean Alliance in an uplifting ceremony attended by the leaders of all four city-states. A fitting reward for your efforts, no doubt, but one that you wish haurchefant, Ysayle, and Estinien could have seen... Speak with Alphinaud at Fortemps Manor and hear his thoughts on this momentous occasion.
Quest: Heavensward (#67205)         [TEXT_HEAVNA707_01669_SEQ_07]
Since haurchefant's death, Lord Edmont has grown ever more cautious. To speak plain, the man is afraid to hope. But I am not. Vidofnir's act of heroism will serve to shift public opinion in our favor, of that I have no doubt.
Quest: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness (#67699)         [TEXT_HEAVNB108_02163_LUCIA_000_076]
As you discuss recent events with Alphinaud and Tataru, lords Artoirel and Emmanellain enter, having come to present you all a token of their gratitude: a House Fortemps shield fit for a true knight. It soon becomes clear, however, that this was not Artoirel's only reason for seeking an audience when he reveals that Count Edmont means to step aside, leaving him to take his father's place as the head of House Fortemps. In this way, Count Edmont intends to rid the house of the lingering suspicion that it was complicit in a coup d'etat orchestrated by Ser Aymeric. Yet while Lord Artoirel had long dreamed of this day, it would seem that the recent revelations regarding the founding fathers of Ishgard had prompted him to question the value of his birthright─until, that is, he recalled his late brother's words: “A knight lives to serve─to aid those in need.” And so he vows to follow haurchefant's proud example and labor for the greater good of Ishgard. And should his resolve waver, he hopes that you will show him the way─as a sister.
Quest: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness (#67699)         [TEXT_HEAVNB108_02163_SEQ_05]
Alphinaud restates that there are things he wishes to say to you─not to the Warrior of Light, or a fellow Scion, but to you, , his friend. He proposes that you travel to Camp Dragonhead, to the intercessory Lord haurchefant set aside for you long ago, that you might converse in private.
Quest: Causes And Costs (#67777)         [TEXT_HEAVNC111_02241_SEQ_01]
To fight and die for a noble cause is a notion many find romantic, and Alphinaud was no exception. Are not truth, justice, and freedom worth fighting for, after all? Yet having borne witness to the costs of pursuing these many causes, having seen at what price each victory is bought, Alphinaud has had enough. Even if Ser Aymeric and all of Ishgard are willing to sacrifice Estinien to slay Nidhogg, he is not. Though he may fail, Alphinaud is resolved to try to save the dragoon. Touched by your young friend's conviction, you find yourself thinking back to those you have lost. Moenbryda, Wilred, Lord haurchefant, Ysayle, Minfilia...and one who may yet be saved.
Quest: Causes And Costs (#67777)         [TEXT_HEAVNC111_02241_SEQ_02]
haurchefant...lived his to the fullest...and if his story is preserved for generations to come, then I...I should be glad of it...
Quest: Our Compromise (#68455)         [TEXT_JOBDRK700_02919_EDMONT_000_486]

2 Item Descriptions

A commissioned portrait of recently deceased companion haurchefant Greystone entitled A Knight to Remember.
What isn't dead (or is recreated in a goldsmith's workshop) can never die. Use item to acquire the wind-up haurchefant minion.
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