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Fire Cluster

ITEM Other Crystal

A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy.

Item Level
Equip Level
Materia Slots
Sells for

CommentsScreenshots4  Gathering 252  Recipes
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Recommended Level 50Difficulty Level 50Nodes 1 Gathering Page
160DravaniaThe Dravanian Forelands-
Recommended Level 50Difficulty Level 50Nodes 5 Gathering Page
150La NosceaMiddle La Noscea-
250Mor DhonaMor Dhona-
360DravaniaThe Dravanian ForelandsAvalonia Fallen
460DravaniaThe Dravanian HinterlandsThe Makers' Quarter
560DravaniaThe Churning MistsLandlord Colony
Recommended Level 50Difficulty Level 50Nodes 1 Gathering Page
150Mor DhonaMor Dhona-
Recommended Level 50Difficulty Level 50Nodes 1 Gathering Page
160DravaniaThe Dravanian Forelands-
Head of the Dreadwyrm50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Syrcus Tower50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Ingot50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ingot50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Triple Cream Coffee50110★★★★3  Recipe Page
Bacon Bread50110★★★★3  Recipe Page
Flint Caviar50110★★★★3  Recipe Page
Bacon Broth50110★★★★3  Recipe Page
Platinum Circlet of Healing50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Circlet of Casting50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Scimitar50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Knuckles50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Bhuj50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Daggers50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Bangles of Fending50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Earrings of Fending50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Scarf of Fending50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ring of Fending50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Bangles of Slaying50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Earrings of Slaying50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Scarf of Slaying50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ring of Slaying50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Bangles of Ranging50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Earrings of Ranging50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Scarf of Ranging50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ring of Ranging50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Bangles of Healing50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Earrings of Healing50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Scarf of Healing50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ring of Healing50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Bangles of Casting50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Earrings of Casting50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Scarf of Casting50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Ring of Casting50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Fausse50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Wootz Revolver50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Planisphere50110★★★★1  Recipe Page
Summoning Bell5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Smithing Bench5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Armorcraft Forge5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Cooking Stove5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Carbuncle Chronometer5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Carbuncle Lantern5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Regal Letter Box5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Carbuncle Garden Bench5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emperor's Throne5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Garden Pond5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Shower Stand5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Riviera Path Light5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Oasis Path Light5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Valentione's Cake5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Gold Spectacles5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Steamed Catfish5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Popoto Pancakes5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Roast Canard5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sachertorte5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Wolfram Ingot5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Gold Ingot5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Ruby5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Diamond5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emerald5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Topaz5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Iolite5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sapphire5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Ruby Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Diamond Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emerald Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Topaz Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Iolite Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sapphire Earrings5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Ruby Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Diamond Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emerald Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Topaz Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Iolite Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sapphire Choker5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Ruby Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Diamond Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emerald Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Topaz Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Iolite Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sapphire Bracelet5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Ruby Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Diamond Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Emerald Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Topaz Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Iolite Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Sapphire Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Morbid Moggle Mogblade5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Malignant Moggle Mogaxe5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Melancholy Moggle Mogfork5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Platinum Nugget5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Shark Fin Soup5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Haddock Dip5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's Claw Hammer5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's File5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's Pliers5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's Awl5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's Mortar5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Artisan's Culinary Knife5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Forager's Sledgehammer5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Forager's Scythe5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Mortal Moggle Mogknives5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Furnace Ring5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Perfect Pestle5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Tailor-made Eel Pie5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Mummer's Daggers5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Fluorite Lens5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Duck Broth5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Monstrous Moggle Mogsword5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Menacing Moggle Mog Gun5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Moonlit Moggle Moglobe5090★★★1  Recipe Page
Fortified Claw Hammer60180★★1  Recipe Page
Polished Adamantite File60180★★1  Recipe Page
Double-jointed Adamantite Pliers60180★★1  Recipe Page
Sharpened Adamantite Awl60180★★1  Recipe Page
Heavy Adamantite Mortar60180★★1  Recipe Page
Wrapped Adamantite Culinary Knife60180★★1  Recipe Page
Weighted Adamantite Sledgehammer60180★★1  Recipe Page
Balanced Adamantite Scythe60180★★1  Recipe Page
Adamantite Ingot60180★★1  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Crown of Healing60180★★1  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Circlet of Casting60180★★1  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Earrings of Crafting60180★★1  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Earrings of Gathering60180★★1  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Ingot60180★★1  Recipe Page
Forgemaster's Goggles60180★★1  Recipe Page
Gemmaster's Coronal60180★★1  Recipe Page
Gemmaster's Chaplets60180★★1  Recipe Page
Cauldronmaster's Spectacles60180★★1  Recipe Page
Millmaster's Saw60180★★1  Recipe Page
Forgemaster's Hammer60180★★1  Recipe Page
Hammermaster's Beetle60180★★1  Recipe Page
Gemmaster's Mallet60180★★1  Recipe Page
Hidemaster's Knife60180★★1  Recipe Page
Boltmaster's Needle60180★★1  Recipe Page
Faerie Chandelier60180★★1  Recipe Page
Sky Pirate's Mask of Striking60180★★1  Recipe Page
Sky Pirate's Mask of Scouting60180★★1  Recipe Page
Sky Pirate's Cap of Healing60180★★1  Recipe Page
Sky Pirate's Cap of Casting60180★★1  Recipe Page
Darksteel Ingot5070★★1  Recipe Page
Avenger Grips5070★★1  Recipe Page
Obelisk Head5070★★1  Recipe Page
Mailbreaker Blade5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rampager Head5070★★1  Recipe Page
Avengers5070★★1  Recipe Page
Obelisk5070★★1  Recipe Page
Mailbreaker5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rampager5070★★1  Recipe Page
Astrolabe Clinometer5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Clasps5070★★1  Recipe Page
Astral Choker5070★★1  Recipe Page
Astral Bracelet5070★★1  Recipe Page
Astral Ring5070★★1  Recipe Page
Astrolabe5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Ear Cuffs5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Earrings5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Gorget5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Circlet5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Ear Screws5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Bracelets5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rose Gold Ring5070★★1  Recipe Page
Apkallu Omelette5070★★1  Recipe Page
Sauteed Coeurl5070★★1  Recipe Page
Pineapple Ponzecake5070★★1  Recipe Page
Pineapple Juice5070★★1  Recipe Page
Finger Sandwich5070★★1  Recipe Page
Black Truffle Risotto5070★★1  Recipe Page
Lava Toad Legs5070★★1  Recipe Page
Illumination Module5070★★1  Recipe Page
Savage Arc of Triumph5070★★1  Recipe Page
Seating Module5070★★1  Recipe Page
Gargoyle Sculpture5070★★1  Recipe Page
Demon Wall Sculpture5070★★1  Recipe Page
Chilled Popoto Soup5070★★1  Recipe Page
Spinach Quiche5070★★1  Recipe Page
Marble Flooring5070★★1  Recipe Page
Rimless Glasses5070★★1  Recipe Page
Misericordes5070★★1  Recipe Page
Misericorde Blades5070★★1  Recipe Page
Gourmet Supper5070★★1  Recipe Page
Afternoon Tea Set5070★★1  Recipe Page
Megalodon Jaws5070★★1  Recipe Page
Coeurl Eyeglasses5070★★1  Recipe Page
Grade 2 Feed - Speed Blend5070★★1  Recipe Page
Grade 2 Feed - Acceleration Blend5070★★1  Recipe Page
Grade 2 Feed - Balance Blend5070★★1  Recipe Page
Grade 2 Feed - Endurance Blend5070★★1  Recipe Page
Grade 2 Feed - Stamina Blend5070★★1  Recipe Page
Monochrome Flooring5070★★1  Recipe Page
Subduer5070★★1  Recipe Page
Darksteel-barreled Blunderbuss5070★★1  Recipe Page
The Evening Star5070★★1  Recipe Page
Manor Oven5070★★1  Recipe Page
Thick-rimmed Glasses5070★★1  Recipe Page
Boundless Expanse Fountain601601  Recipe Page
Nameday Cake601601  Recipe Page
Hot Chocolate601601  Recipe Page
Creme Brulee601601  Recipe Page
Almond Cream Croissant601601  Recipe Page
Urchin Loaf601601  Recipe Page
Seafood Stew601601  Recipe Page
Snurbleberry Tart601601  Recipe Page
Adamantite Francesca601601  Recipe Page
Kingcake601601  Recipe Page
Moogle Miniature601601  Recipe Page
Steamed Staff601601  Recipe Page
Titanium Alloy Ingot601601  Recipe Page
Adamantite Winglet601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Knuckles601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Headsman's Axe601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Main Gauches601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Greatsword601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite-barreled Culverin601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Saw601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Cross-pein Hammer601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Ball-pein Hammer601501  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Texture Hammer601501  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Creasing Knife601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Dolabra601501  Recipe Page
Adamantite Hatchet601501  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Staff601501  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Planisphere601501  Recipe Page
Aurum Regis Circlet of Healing601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Bracelet of Fending601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Earrings of Fending601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Ring of Fending601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Bracelets of Slaying601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Earrings of Slaying601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Ring of Slaying601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Bracelets of Aiming601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Earrings of Aiming601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Ring of Aiming601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Bracelets of Healing601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Earrings of Healing601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Ring of Healing601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Bracelets of Casting601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Earrings of Casting601501  Recipe Page
Chrysolite Ring of Casting601501  Recipe Page
Griffin Talon Needle601501  Recipe Page
Star Sapphire Music Box601501  Recipe Page
Star Ruby Music Box601501  Recipe Page
Expanse Fountain601501  Recipe Page
Citrine Choker of Fending591481  Recipe Page
Citrine Choker of Slaying591481  Recipe Page
Citrine Choker of Aiming591481  Recipe Page
Citrine Choker of Healing591481  Recipe Page
Citrine Choker of Casting591481  Recipe Page
Oriental Tea Set561391  Recipe Page
Celestine541331  Recipe Page
Garlond Steel521251  Recipe Page
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