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We have few more updates to share regarding the plans for PvP moving forward.

Regarding PvP Actions
Prior to Patch 4.0, it was difficult to make modifications to actions for the sake of PvP balancing, as it would also have an effect on PvE. Now that this has become more flexible with the separation of PvP and PvE actions, we will begin to modify these actions, skills, and spells as necessary, including the possibility of completely replacing actions. However, please keep in mind that due to the development process, it may take some time for feedback to be reflected in-game. In the past, we did not make modifications to actions during a PvP season, largely due to the reasons we just mentioned, but we will be making modifications during PvP seasons in the future.

PvP in Patch 4.1
In Patch 4.1, a new large-scale PvP mode will be implemented. Stay tuned for details on this! Also, as we mentioned previously, data center-wide custom matches will be implemented.

As always, we thank you for your feedback, and ask you to continue to share it with us so we can make PvP better together!

Near Future Changes for PvP




Thanks for the questions and feedback regarding PvP content, balancing and features in Stormblood. We've gathered your thoughts and inquiries and have forwarded them to the dev. team!

While we're unable to answer all of your questions currently, we do want to let you know that one of the requested features in this thread will be coming soon!

We plan to introduce cross-server custom PvP matches in Patch 4.1. This will allow players to host their own PvP events and tournaments with players on their data center, as well as practice The Feast 4v4 matches with multiple team compositions before jumping into ranked play.

As a side note, we would like to assure you that we are regularly reading the feedback provided. We don't always have information we can share right away, so we understand that it can feel like your feedback isn't being properly considered, but we are here reading and sharing it. We understand that it's important to feel heard, and while we cannot reply to every thread, please rest assured that your thoughts are being communicated to the dev. teams in Japan often!

Please continue to share your feedback and show your support for topics by commenting and liking those that you agree with. We'll continue to share this feedback with the dev. team and provide responses whenever possible.

Near Future Changes for PvP



Greetings, everyone!

We're pleased to present the full digest of the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII!
If you missed the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again (and again), check it out below!
* Don't forget to select the 720p option to watch the video in HD!

Q&A (After Playing Patch 4.0)
Q: Currently some tanks stack STR on their accessories to increase their DPS, are changes planned for tank accessories themselves?
A: We have received feedback from tanks regarding continuing to equip item level 270 accessories. This puts more stress on the healers, and a lack of vitality may become an issue as we enter Savage. However, top players may be able to clear even under those conditions, so we worry that it will become the norm.

As a result, we have decided to add a minimum amount of strength to accessories in 4.05. I think there are people who are wondering why we haven't addressed this until now despite the fact that requests have been made before. The reason is that if you add strength to a vitality accessary, only the tank will have increased strength stats when level syncing. We wanted to keep stats as simple as possible, but in 3.X, tanks were dealing quite a bit of damage, and we've decided to accept them doing that much damage.

The item level will increase in coming updates, but strength will not scale the same as vitality, so we would like you to keep that in mind. There are some people who suggested that we make it so that item level 270 accessories can only be equipped by certain roles, but even if we did that, there's a chance that characters that already have these item equipped will just leave them equipped. We did not place equipment restriction on them in order to avoid any differences that might arise due to this.

Q: The tenacity attribute for tanks affects the attack and healing potency, and is very powerful; however, it feels like the effectiveness is somewhat held back. Could you please explain why it is set up this way?
A: If we were to make this more effective, the only attribute option players will select will be tenacity; therefore, we currently have no plans to change this.

I believe players will be able to feel the effects of tenacity in Omega: Deltascape (Savage).

Q: Currently paladin feels like it excels both in offensive and defensive capabilities, are there any plans for adjustments to warrior/dark knight?
A: We made adjustments in 4.0 so that the three tank jobs can equally perform as a main tank or off tank. However, paladin has a tendency to be too strong in terms of DPS, so we increased the potency of warrior/dark knight actions and increased their base damage.

Making the cast time for paladin's Holy Spirit so short made it too powerful, so we will be making adjustments around that point. We'll also be removing the reduction in the Oath Gauge when switching oaths.

For warriors, we will remove the halving of the Beast Gauge when changing stances. Up until now, the consensus was that you'll waste your Beast Gauge if you didn't use it up first because of the halving. Therefore, this change is to address this.

Warrior's Shake It Off will be adjusted, so that effect will be something different. We already have ideas for the adjustment, but the implementation will be sometime after Patch 4.05.

Dark knight will see potency increases in combo damage and the effects of Quietus will be adjusted. We made as many adjustments as possible by Patch 4.05, so we would like for your to please try out Omega: Deltascape (Savage), and continue to give us your feedback.

Q: With role actions, each of the jobs are now able to take various actions; however, for healers, there are important role actions such as Protect and Esuna, so I am having trouble deciding on what to set. Do you have plans to increase the amount of role actions that can be set?
A: There are no such plans at the moment.

For Protect, it's becoming increasingly rare that it's not used. We debated until the very last adjustments were made discussing if it makes any difference if we kept or removed this spell. For this, we would like to make considerations based on player's feedback.

Q: From Patch 4.0, cards you draw and your Aetherflow stacks aren't displayed on the party list anymore. Because of this, if the party has two astrologians or scholars, we cannot check each other's status and this is very inconvenient. Do you have plans to revert this so, the status can be checked through the party list?
A: I believe this is a situation that will likely to occur when matched using the Duty Finder.

The difficulty is set so you do not have to be particular about the status of other players; however, we did receive requests to have this reverted back from those who play these jobs as their main. We won't make the same adjustment to all jobs, but we're checking each job individually. We are currently working to display scholar's Aetherflow, and astrologian's card status on the party list. However, since this change is quite big, we're planning to address this around Patch 4.1. In addition to this, we received feedback that when there are two white mages in the party, it is difficult to tell which confession stack is which, so we would like to look into this as well.

Q: Scholar went through many changes, having lost a DoT, the damage lost from AoE due to the Bane rework, and nerfs to the faerie healing. In comparison to the other healers, it feels that they have lost quite a bit. Are there any plans for adjustments?
A: After balancing the three healing jobs, the faerie's healing was still too powerful. Therefore we decided to go in the direction of lowering the faerie's healing potencies.

However, by limiting what they could do, we received feedback on how the available options for AoE was reduced, and that their job feels boring now. For this reason, we'll make various adjustments in Patch 4.05.

We will also make adjustments to white mage and astrologian.
*Please see the 4.05 patch notes for adjustment details.

Q: It was explained that in Patch 4.0 the focus was to reduce the large DPS disparity, but certain jobs feel more reliant on player skill than others. Are certain jobs intended to maintain that difference?
A: One of the main concepts when creating a job is that even if you played a job from the same role, they will have a different gaming experience. So with this base rule in place, we check to see whether the job is fun to play or not. And of course, there will be situations where one job may feel easier/harder to play than others.

Until now, we increased the damage output on jobs based on the difficulty. However, moving forward, we're thinking to balance the difficulty to control for those that are much more difficult than what we assumed.

Q: When comparing dragoon to other DPS jobs, for the amount of difficulty there is to play them, their DPS seems low. I understand that dragoon has strong support actions such as Battle Litany, but do you have plans to make adjustments so that dragoon can deal strong damage on their own, similar to how it was in 3.x?
A: For damage output, we'll make adjustments by expanding on aspects following the above mentioned concept.
*Please see the 4.05 patch notes for adjustment details.

There are some requests to make it easier to perform combos from the flank/rear, but if we decreased the amount of positionals any more than it currently is, it will end up where you're only attacking from the rear. In Patch 4.06 we made adjustments to dragoon and ninja so that their loss of damage from missing positionals is decreased by lowering the bonus given from positionals. They have been buffed to some degree, so we would like you to try it out and leave any additional feedback you may have.

Q: The new monk skill Riddle of Fire is a very powerful buff, but because the effect increases the GCD, it is very stressful to play. Monk had a feeling of speedy combat, so if adjustments are possible, please implement them.
A: We considered Greased Lightning IV, but felt it would become too fast and widen the gap between player DPS even further. We understand that you may feel more stressed about the recast time increase rather than the buff itself; however, I'm sure players will see the effect of this from prolonged battles, such as those from Omega: Deltascape (Savage). Despite this, if we do receive more requests, then we'll consider it; however, we believe it's somewhat complete, so we would appreciate if you could first try it out.

Q: I'm a machinist main, but I am concerned because despite the difficulty of the rotation and managing the Heat Gauge, my DPS is not very high. Machinist itself is enjoyable, but in comparison to Bard, it feels lacking in support abilities as well as DPS. Please let us know if there are any adjustments planned.
A: Perspectives vary from player to player regarding what they would like to see done for machinist.

Machinists are better suited for certain content compared to others, and due to the current difficulty of Heat management and how it is affected by fights, as well as the visible difference between Machinist and Bard in content, we have made it easier to manage the Heat Gauge. In addition, we will be raising their overall base damage.
*Please see the 4.05 patch notes for adjustment details.

Q: Demi-Bahamut is quite large. Do you have any plans to make adjustment to his size or transparency?
A: I know that there are requests to make it translucent, but this is would be difficult to do, as the amount of processes increases greatly when two translucent objects overlap one another. For this reason, we're currently looking into a text command which can be used to change the size of Demi-Bahamut. I'm sure there will be players who would like the size to remain as is, so we're making it so that players can adjust the scale on their own. However, please note that this process is quite complex, so we'll need some time until this can be implemented.

Q: Sustain was very useful in some content. I would like to know why this was removed.
A: We had it set so that pets would take reduced damage from enemies, and the policy was to reduce the number of actions as much as possible, so we decided to remove it. However, there were some players that used it quite a lot, so we would like to discuss some more with the dev. team.

Q: Red mage's Vercure is affected by the intelligence attribute, but would it be possible to change summoner's Physick so that the cure potency changes with intelligence?
A: Red mage was born from both white and black magic; however, summoner is different. Each of the jobs have their own roles. If all jobs were made equally, that would basically make every job the same. From a gaming perspective, I believe it would be more fun to have differences, so we carefully made adjustments so that the jobs do not become the same.

Q: Because Sprint no longer consumes TP, it is easier to use in combat. However outside of combat, the increased cooldown is inconvenient. Would it be possible to make adjustments, such as lowering the cooldown in cities?
A: We're going to start looking into this, but this requires making changes to the core of the system, so it will take some time.

Q: For PvP, would it be possible to change the system so that you can earn experience points for the job you entered with, rather than the job you finish the match with? I think this would help those who participate in the content for leveling purpose, so they can still change their jobs inside to meet the needs of the party.
A: This idea was on the table when we were making PvP-related adjustments in Patch 4.01. We discussed how it'll create a situation where the players are earning experience points for a job they didn't play, which goes against the entire point of earning the experience points. We want some more time to continue discussions regarding this.

Q: Due to the large amount of job action changes in 4.0, some jobs may feel very different when level synced in dungeons level 50 and below. Concerning tanks, in 4.01 it became easier to maintain aggro. Will other jobs see similar changes?
A: If adjustments are made for each job, it will ruin the overall balance, so there are no plans at the moment. However, when compared with 4.0 dungeons, it's true that 2.X dungeons don't feel very comfortable, so we plan to make adjustments that will allow players to proceed at a faster pace such as adjusting monster HP.

The policy we will be following for this adjustment is to make all dungeons up to level 49 easier and make all dungeons after that up until 3.X require a little more time to complete. There are no plans to make changes to 4.0 dungeons.

Q: It's hard to get a group for alliance raid content, such as the Crystal Tower. Do you have any plans to address this?
A: We're currently working on an alliance raid roulette. Players will also be able to make alliance raid parties across other Worlds as well. These are scheduled for Patch 4.1. As for Labyrinth of the Ancients, we're making adjustments so the party structure will only require one tank rather than two; however, we may not be able to make this adjustment in time.

Q: I would like the rewards for Seal Rock achievements, but queues take a very long time to pop. Would it be possible to make it so these achievements can be earned from the Fields of Glory (Shatter) as well?
A: We're currently estimating the amount of development workload needed, but we're considering changing the rule every week. However, this means introducing a new rule to the servers, so more time is needed to make a decision.

Q: As an FFV fan, I was really excited to see how Omega: Deltascape was recreated. I'm really curious to find out if there's any backstory for this. Could you please tell us anything?
A: Thank you! In FINAL FANTASY V, Omega's lore was set in a way where you didn't know where it came from; therefore, people thought it came from the void. As for the bosses, they aren't the same bosses from that game, but those recreated by Omega's memories.

Also, there's a rumor that there will be a V5.0, but there is no V5.0. We did mention that we'll prepare a difficulty for those who complete Savage mode of V4.0; however, this isn't V5.0. While we cannot go over the details just yet, I believe it'll be something people can enjoy.

Q: The blow dart quests were very fun! Are there plans for the mechanic to return in future content?
A: It's been said that there is little variety in FFXIV side quests, so we looked into including a new mechanic. What we came up with this time was blow darts. We plan on adding as many new games as possible in the future. Just note that, there are no plans to use blow darts in a battle content.

Q: We liked the showdown scene in Azim Steppes. Will we ever be able to replay event battle instances, just like dungeons?
A: There are requests on the forums as well to make it so past event battles can be replayed, so we're discussing it with the person in charge. But there are a great number of them, and they were made on the premise that they would only take place once, so it will be difficult to do this for all of them. However, we have been discussing making the popular ones replayable, but we would like more time on this.

Q: Are there plans for a Namazu minion?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have plans to implement quests where Magnai will find his moon?
A: There might be a quest with Magnai and Sadu, but only the Dawn Father knows.

Q: I really liked the performance from the last boss in the main scenario quest. Was this done to bring back the experience from the Super NES days where you lose your precious play time from not saving?
A: I lost a lot of my play time right in front of a save point in FINAL FANTASY V...

The manager from the design team, Takai, also lost his precious play time to this trap, and the debug team said we should make some adjustments to tone it down (referring to the Tidal Wave mechanic in the first phase of the battle) but Takai told them I fell into this trap before as well and left it alone.

For the overall battle itself, we were worried about the difficulty level, but since it's the last boss, we made it strong. We also talked about how we won't make anything stronger than that.

Q: I really liked the area where we had our showdown with Zenos, and I would like to visit it again freely after the main scenario quests!
A: We've had many requests from people who want to take screenshots.

Later on in the storyline, players will revisit this area once again. We set collisions in place, so that players can walk around; however, the time is locked to evening. There are other areas such as the Archbishop's room that are only visited in events, which are heavily requested to be visitable outside of quests, so we'll consider these as well.

Q: Please let us know if you've finalized the number of slots that will be added in the second Inventory and Armoury Chest expansion.
A: We mentioned we'll observe the situation after 4.0 to decide on the timing; however, this has created more stress load on the servers than we assumed, so we would need to rethink our method before expanding any further. For things related to items, there are other factors such as the item sorting feature through the app, so we'll follow-up on this once we have any update.

Q: The inventory and Armoury Chest expansion has helped a lot, but would it be possible to increase retainer's inventory as well?
A: The number of items available has increased in Patch 4.0. We're making sure that important data isn't lost, and also that it can't be exploited, so it's difficult to just simply add more slots. Currently, the disparity between those who use a lot of item space, and those who don't, is quite large, and we're a bit worried about this. We would like to observe the amount of items being used post the launch of 4.0 before we make future adjustments.

Q: As a turtle lover I was concerned and it feels strange to me that the Adamantoise spins rapidly and emits fire underwater. Also, it would be nice if the Sahagin's Elbst mount could swim.
A: There would be some amount of cost required for the team to be able to make the Elbst available underwater, but we would like to work on these as we can. As for Adamantoise, you see, he's actually not swimming underwater, he received the belessing from Warrior of Light and is able to move about the same way they do on land or in air. Is that a bit far fetched...?

Q: Is there any particular reason why Zenos' scabbard spins so rapidly? Is it spinning by force of will or some kind of switch?[/B]
A: The reason is Because it looks cool.

Also, as katanas quickly degrade as they cut, Zenos keeps many of them on hand so that he can always use a new one.

Q: The jumping challenge in Kugane was really fun. Could you please tell us how this was created?
A: When I got the request to do the final check on Kugane, I discovered that the team made it so you could only get up about half way. It wasn't that difficult to create a route to go up higher, but in order to make the stress load from the graphics as low as possible, we had to simplify some parts. We checked over to see whether or not any portions of the graphic were cut off, such as the ocean, and then extended it so you couldn't see this. The background team worked very hard to create this, and I believe it turned out really well. I would like to like to add some more in future and I would like to increase the number of jumping puzzle games in Gold Saucer as well.

Q: Estinien was really cool! Will there be an opportunity to meet him again?
A: Perhaps there is a chance if everyone wishes for it. Personally speaking, I feel he is a member of the Scions, but he isn't the type to directly interact with them. My image of him is that he helps members in need from the shadows.

Regarding Rewards from Omega: Deltascape (Savage)

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_01.jpg Views:	510 Size:	224.8 KB ID:	4351Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_02.jpg Views:	875 Size:	230.3 KB ID:	4350

There were be more opportunities to obtain weapons in V4.0 (Savage).

The Lost Canals of Uznair

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_03.jpg Views:	174 Size:	205.8 KB ID:	4349Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_04.jpg Views:	136 Size:	167.8 KB ID:	4348
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_05.jpg Views:	137 Size:	228.3 KB ID:	4347Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL37_EN_06.jpg Views:	150 Size:	263.5 KB ID:	4346

More updates are planned for patch 4.1.
We're thinking of adding something like a hidden room.

Special Guest Section
Guest: Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa

Q: Your title has changed to Art Director, but are you now able to work on a wider range of things? Please tell us about your current job!
A: Minagawa: During A Realm Reborn, as a Lead UI Artist, I was in charge of the UI mainly; however, from 3.0 I adjusted the lighting in the field, and also managed the staff of the Background Art team. In 4.0, I was also looking at field lighting and such. I am also in charge of various things outside of the game as well, such as editing the package CG.

Yoshida: Since 3.0 he made overall graphic adjustments fitting my design orders, such as making lighter areas lighter, darker areas darker, so we matched his title to this.

Q: With the job gauge, we can better manage the buffs; however, we still need to check the buff and debuff section for any specific changes. For some jobs like bards, I feel that we need to pay attention to more sections now. Would it be possible to check the Procs from the job gauges?
A: Minagawa: We are working together with the Battle team, and based on the stats the party members cannot see now, we are looking into which stats to revert back to buff display. At the same time, we are also working on a simplified version of the job gauge. We will follow-up on the specific details of the adjustments.

In addition to this, we received comments where players have trouble deciding where to place the current buff/debuff status information because it is displayed in a single row. Along with the job gauge improvements, we are looking into the separating the buffs and debuffs, and those that are not directly related to battle, such as company actions.

Q: Please tell us implementation plans regarding the simplified version of the job gauges that Yoshida mentioned in previous Letter from the Producer LIVE.
A: Minagawa: As mentioned in the previous question, we are currently moving forward with the development, and we are hoping to implement this in Patch 4.1. We also received requests to adjust the transparency, so we are considering this as well.

Yoshida: As a priority, we are looking into which information to include in the job gauges, and then we will apply that to the simplified version, which is currently being developed.

Q: Do you have plans to add an option to turn on/off the job gauges?
A: Minagawa: Yes, we do. Please wait just a bit longer.

Q: In regards to the Focus Target, would it be possible to add a setting where the buff/debuff you used are prioritized? Also, are there any plans to add a setting where you can display the buff/debuff into separate HUD elements?
A: Minagawa: We are currently looking into separating the buff and debuff display from the target information, so we will consider that after this.

Q: I would like filters in Party Finder that would allow me to narrow down results to groups that I can join and meet my requirements, would this be possible to implement?
A: Minagawa: At this moment, we are not able to filter desired requirements; however, we did receive requests to hide the locked content, so we are looking into an option to hide these. We are also making locked content show on the bottom of the list as a default. We are planning to implement this sometime around Patch 4.1.

Q: I would like to know if there were any major difficulties during the development of 4.0!
A: Minagawa: For User Interface, we caused an inconvenience for those playing on the PlayStation®4 version and I would like to apologize for that. For this reason, it felt like we were probably busier after the release than during development.

Q: As you were part of the original staff of FINAL FANTASY XII, how much were you involved in the FINAL FANTASY XII: The Zodiac Age? It's not an FFXIV related question, but I love FFXII, so I would like to know.
A: Minagawa: I tried hard to make it look like I was not involved too much on the project. I was invited over at the start of the development, and have attended about 10 meetings to discuss overall objectives and such. As for graphics, the original staff was in charge, so I let them handle those, and in the later half, I was creating the logo.

Yoshida: The quality of the original FINAL FANTASY XII was very high, and since it is very detailed, I believed it could stay strong years after. I was honestly surprised we were able to make a HD version out of what was already high quality.

Minagawa: In cutscenes you can see fine details, such as character's eye movement, but this was already in the data on the original version. At that time, most of us were still using CRT TVs so we were not able to notice the minor details, but I was able to notice them this time. That person behind these cutscenes is currently in the FFXIV team.

Yoshida: In Patch 4.1. we are introducing the Return to Ivalice, so be sure to try it out.

Q: Alongside Return to Ivalice, I would like to see Matsuno and Minagawa conversing! Do you two go out to drinks often?
Q: I would like to set unlearned actions on my hotbar. I would like to get used to my final hotbar layout by level 70, so it would be very helpful to be able to set them earlier!

Q: I would like to set unlearned actions on my hotbar. I would like to get used to my final hotbar layout by level 70, so it would be very helpful to be able to set them earlier!
A: Minagawa: Until now, we thought it would be confusing to have all skills visible from the beginning, so we limited it. Starting in 4.0, we have made all actions visible to make it easier for players to see the difference. Since we already show them, we will look to see if it can be set.

Q: Do you have plans to implement a feature where we can change the order of our linkshells?
A: Minagawa: We have had this request since 2.x, and back then, we mentioned this was very difficult to do. However, while working on cross-world features, such as adding players from another World to the friend list, we may be able to make this adjustment.

Q: In a previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, during the test broadcast, you mentioned about a feature that will display the chat log only when it has been updated. Has there been any update to this feature?
A: Minagawa: We have not made any progress. Will discuss once again with the person in charge.

Q: Will it be possible to adjust the size of player and NPC names? It can get difficult to see depending on the resolution of the monitor, so it would be appreciated.
A: Minagawa: 2D objects (such as nameplates) visible in 3D are processed together. For this reason, it would be difficult to scale specific UI elements. We will see if we can do this by scaling all UI elements together.

Q: Do you have plans to implement a UI where we can see the inventory from all retainers at once?
A: Minagawa: We have no plans to implement this as it creates a lot of stress on the server. If we were to download the retainers' data locally, then it may be possible; however, it will not be consistent when looking from a different client. If we tried hard, it may be possible to just view the inventory, but it would be difficult to do more than that.

Yoshida: However, we are planning to make big adjustment/changes to glamour, and considering features such as recalling the appearance from equipment you previously owned.

Q: Please tell us about your biggest mistake in life, and how you overcame it.
A: Minagawa: I moved out for my entrance exams, but I did not go to school, and my first place I worked part-time became my first workplace. At the time, the game industry was not as big, and my relatives were worried. That was the hardest time of my life. The good thing is that it turned out okay.

Q: When calling out a retainer, you are forced to face towards the retainer, but would it be possible to add an on/off setting so we can change this?
A: Minagawa: This may be possible if we touch the base section of the event script; however, there is a possibility that a retainer is processed in a completely different way, so I will confirm this.

Q: I would like to be able to preview equipment in a larger window. Will this be expandable in the future?
A: Minagawa: It would require some resource, but I think it is possible. Until now, it was difficult to secure the VRAM needed to render on low-end machines, but since we are able to make some adjustments now. While we have to check if this is possible or not, we will consider it.

Q: The map in 4.0 is very large, but please let us know what improvements or difficulties you had when creating the 2D map.
A: Minagawa: With Ala Mhigo and Doma, the new world map is about twice the width of the previous one. The Art team worked hard to create this. For the standard maps, the method for creating them is set, so it was not that difficult; however, we struggled a lot for the expanded region maps. This was relatively easy for 3.0 and 4.0 areas, but there were lots of unused space for 2.0 areas, so it was difficult to put them together.

Q: Are there any plans to make Lodestone event functions and journal entries available in-game?
A: Minagawa: This is very difficult to do, so we have no plans to do this. If we were to address this, we would have to do a major overhaul of how the memory is created and such.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII Digest (8/10/2017)



Hello adventurers,

Thank you all for continuing to provide feedback on summoner and the adjustments made in Patch 4.06.

As some players have pointed out, Yoshida made a comment regarding summoner adjustments on a recent community broadcast before the release of Patch 4.06:

"I believe we need to make several changes to summoner's system, but it will take some time and it will not be ready by Patch 4.06. Therefore, we'll make adjustments that can be done through data first."

We understand that you may be anxious for more information, but for now we wanted to share an acknowledgement that the team is aware of your concerns and is looking into how to proceed.

Thank you again for continuing to provide extensive feedback and suggestions. Please continue to share your thoughts with us, and we'll be sure to pass it along to the dev. team!

SMN 4.06 Changes




Thank you feedback regarding the start of the Feast Season Five and balancing in PvP.

As mentioned by our counterparts, the main reason that no PvP-related adjustments were made in Patch 4.06 is because the dev. team didn't feel they had enough 4v4-focused data to base further adjustments on.

While some adjustments were made in Patch 4.05, many of the players were focused on new PvE-content like Deltascape (Savage). With fewer players participating in ranked matches, the team wasn't able to collect enough data necessary for appropriate balancing and adjustment by the time Patch 4.06 was being finalized. While feedback from the forum, and other sources, is constantly being collected, the dev. team uses that in conjunction with game data as well.

With the start of Season Five, we expect more players participating in the Feast and ranked matches. Naturally, we'll be seeing more feedback and have more data to work with; however, the team will require some time to make changes based on the this data and the feedback we receive. We'll observe the situation during the season and make adjustments as needed moving forward.

The dev. team will check and make considerations on the suggestions received, so we ask you to please participate in the Feast, and continue to share your thoughts with us here on the official forum, and elsewhere.

With that said, I wish you luck to all those participating in Season 5!

Absolutely no balance changes for PvP in patch 4.06?



Hello there!

Thank you for the continued feedback in regards to the changes made to Sprint in 4.0.

In the previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, Yoshida mentioned that while we require some time, the dev. team is considering making adjustments to Sprint outside of combat.

Unlimited Sprint outside of Combat or Combat Zones.




We appreciate the feedback and have passed your thoughts along to the dev. team!

Riiko's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by RiikoView Post
Please add a search field in the minion (and mount) menu.
I own many minions and have to scroll through 10 pages in the menu. Even though they are sorted in some way, I still cannot find the minion I am looking for most of the time.
As you pointed out, if you have obtained many minions it can be difficult to find a specific minion when searching through your guide.

Currently, there isn't any internal system that would allow us to create a search feature within an icon type list such as the minion guide, so it would be difficult to implement this right away. However, we're checking to see if there's anything we can do in the future.

Thanks again for the feedback, and please feel free to continue to share your thoughts on quality of life updates for minions, mounts and housing features!

Suggestions for Minions and Mounts: automatic Roulette/Search/Housing



Greetings Arastalis,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble accessing Stormblood on the PS4.

It sounds like the info on thisFAQmay help with your issue!

If these steps do not help, please contact theSupport Centrefor further help!

Stormblood unregistered?


  • As a result of the Free Trial time limit being removed, users playing the Free Trial will no longer be able to log into the forum. However, they will continue to be able to read the forum.

Forum Features Updated (Aug. 2)



Greetings, everyone!

English Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox will be on hand to host a panel at PAX West 2017 featuring tales from the lore and localization of Stormblood! In addition, he'll also be answering questions gathered from this thread!

Please post questions related to the localization of Stormblood or the lore found throughout Hydaelyn!

When submitting your question, we ask that you follow these steps:

  • Please post your question(s) as a reply to this thread
  • Please limit posts to your question(s) only and do not use this thread for discussion
  • If another player already asked a question you had in mind, simply click the "Like!" button instead of re-posting the question
  • Please post only one question per reply (of course you are allowed to post several replies!)
* Click here for more information regarding the PAX West 2017.
* Please note that once the event is over, we will be closing this thread.

PAX West 2017 - Questions for English Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox



Hey everyone!

The FFXIV Fan Gathering at last year's gamescom was received so well that we thought we needed to hold another one this year as well! So, if you still have the energy for a legendary party left in you after a hard day of prowling gamescom and scoring cool t-shirts, come on down!

When and where will the Fan Gathering take place?
It will take place on Thursday the 24th of August 2017 in Cologne. We're keeping the venue a secret for now, but we can tell you that you'll be able to enter from 8 pm, with an official start at 9 pm local time.

How can I get in?
Simple “ just send us an email tosedecommunity@square-enix.comwith Gamescom Fan-Gathering Cologne 2017 in the subject line and include the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Main Character Name
  • World
If you'd also like to bring along someone who's not yet playing FFXIV, please include the following info:
  • Name of your friend
  • Email address of your friend
Cut-off for sign-ups is Friday, 18 August 2017, 10 am (GMT)/12 pm (CEST)/3 am (PDT)!

Please note: All participants need to be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event. Please bring a government-issued photographic ID (driver's license, passport, national ID etc.), as we will need to check your details before you can enter the venue.

And to celebrate the Stormblood expansion we are giving away a FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood PlayStation®4 Pro, with this amazing Zenos design! Attend the Fan Gathering and you may well be taking this home with you!

Click image for larger version  Name:	SB_Console5cropped.jpg Views:	59 Size:	2.30 MB ID:	4339


Why is the Fan Gathering only for ages 18 and up?
Because alcoholic beverages will be served and the party will most likely continue until late at night.

How will I know if my application was successful and I can attend?
All successful applicants will receive an email confirmation. Due to space limitations at the venue, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be able to attend. Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted, so if you haven't heard anything from us by the 22nd of August, please assume that all available slots have been taken.

What happens if more people sign up than there are slots available?
In that case we will randomly select the people who can attend.

Will there be a program?
Only a very relaxed one. The general idea of the evening is to have fun and meet other FFXIV players!

Are you trying to sell us anything?!?
No, of course not! We will not force anyone to sign up for a subscription or to buy anything!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask here

We're looking forward to meeting you!

FFXIV Fan Gathering gamescom 2017!


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Quote Originally Posted by zirdaView Post
Yesterday evening i was able to play the Stormblood edition without any problems. But today....i logged in and i saw the Heavensward opening, first I ignored it and played. Then i saw that i could not enter the Stormblood Dungeons, because I did not purchase the game. I logged into MogStation and it said that I need to purchase the game.... *i got the CD version btw* And yes i did Redeem the code.

I don't wanna Re install the game tho...might delete all my Stormblood savings
And I DEF don't wanna buy the game again!!

This sucks so bad SE!

sorry to hear that you are having issues accessing Stormblood content.

It looks likethis formwill solve the issue.

Your issue is most likely the following from the KBs about PS4 Stormblood Registration Code related issues:

I redeemed the game code included in my package before the fix on June 20th and only received Early Access. How do I get my full game entitlement?
If you redeemed your game code before 17:00 (GMT)/18:00 (BST) on June 20th and only received the Early Access entitlement, please contact the Support Centre to have the relevant entitlement added to your account via this form.
Sorry about the inconvenience caused!

PS4 Physical version suddenly saying that I don't have the Stormblood expansion




Sorry to hear that you have issues accessing the game on PS4.

Your issue is most likely the following from theKBs about PS4 Stormblood Registration Code related issues:

I redeemed the game code included in my package before the fix on June 20th and only received Early Access. How do I get my full game entitlement?
If you redeemed your game code before 17:00 (GMT)/18:00 (BST) on June 20th and only received the Early Access entitlement, please contact the Support Centre to have the relevant entitlement added to your account viathis form.

If you received an error message this FAQ might be helpful:

I received error message WC-40372-6 when entering my game code for the first time on PSN. What should I do?
Error Message: This PlayStationâ„¢Network Card number has already been used. (WC-40372-6)
If you receive the error message above when attempting to redeem the code included in your game package on PSN for the first time, please contact the Support Centre via this form.

Some of you might not have yet registered their Stormblood Registration Code. In that case please try the following steps first:

Please follow these steps to register your code:

  1. Open the PlayStation®Store on your PlayStation®4.
  2. Select 'Redeem Code'.
  3. Enter your Stormblood code and follow the instructions on-screen to download the expansion.
  4. Start FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.
  5. Log in to the game.
  6. Choose the service account you wish to register the code on.

If these steps do not help, please contact theSupport Centrefor further help!

PS4 Physical version suddenly saying that I don't have the Stormblood expansion



Thanks everyone for your great screenshots! There are definitely many places I need to check out again just by looking at the pictures.

I closed the thread now and we will pick and announce the winners soon.

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Entry Thread




Thank you for the feedback in regards to instanced zones in the Stormblood areas.

We understand that these field instances can make it difficult to group up when running open world content or gathering as a party, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Due to the specifics of the programming, many of these requested features such as being able to choose which instance to teleport to or having the system prioritize whatever instance your party members are currently in would be very difficult to implement.

While we are aware that this is not ideal, we ask for your patience and understanding as these field instances are tentative measures intended for congestion relief and load reduction as we try to make the game as smooth as possible for all players.

Make Instances More Convenient Please




Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your input and understand that these situations can be quite frustrating. We have forwarded this concern and your suggestions to the dev. team for consideration.

We'd also like to clarify a few points for reference:

  • As mentioned in the 4.05 patch notes and high-end Duty Finder text, if your party contains players replaying a floor of Savage prior to the weekly reset, the number of treasure coffers appearing upon completion will decrease.
  • To avoid this, party leaders should select "Duty Completion" as the Purpose when using the high-end Duty Finder to queue. With this setting, those who have already completed will not be matched (when queuing with an incomplete party), and the amount of treasure coffers will not decrease.
  • If you are unable to queue your party with Duty Completion selected, it is possible that a party member has already received a weekly reward for that duty, or does not meet the matching requirements.
  • The "Practice" option in the high-end Duty Finder is designated for players who have not yet completed the raid content and for those who have completed but wish to practice and teach new players.

Please continue to share any feedback and suggestions you may have regarding the Duty Finder and Savage loot systems.

No warning message when entering a savage group that will only yield 1 chest


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Quote Originally Posted by AkiSayoView Post
I don't know if it was stated earlier, but is rotating pictures allowed?
Hi AkiSayo!

Unfortunately not. The rules specifically exclude any action to be taken with image editing software, apart from cropping the image. That being said, the /gpose feature allows to roll and tilt the camera - hope that helps to achieve the shot you're aiming for!

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion / Practice Thread



Adventurers heard the call for Action! and answered it in droves! We're excited to announce the finalists and grand prize winners of the And¦Action! screenshot contest! We learned a lot about the power of the Group Pose feature by studying the entries and we bet you can too!

Grand Prize Winners:
  1. Shadow_Novus (Original Post)

  2. GlacialRose (Original Post)

  3. Zerachiel (Original Post)


  4. maikuyokho (Original Post)
  5. LegendaryYmir (Original Post)
  6. Yujika (Original Post)
  7. FlaraStarburst (Original Post)
  8. TonyDude (Original Post)
  9. SkeltrHeltr (Original Post)
  10. Xanyre (Original Post)

  11. Daisy (Original Post)
  12. Wyntir (Original Post)
  13. Aracelia (Original Post)
  14. Mewzi (Original Post)
  15. Zero_syndicate (Original Post)
  16. ccakey (Original Post)
  17. RainbowAlarias (Original Post)
  18. CherryRose (Original Post)
  19. FalonDin (Original Post)
  20. Doomfish (Original Post)

  21. TommyWolf5 (Original Post)
  22. Katr (Original Post)
  23. Canvas (Original Post)
  24. Leecy (Original Post)
  25. RubyScarlett (Original Post)
  26. jragontime (Original Post)
  27. Dranyari (Original Post)
  28. Katami (Original Post)
  29. CaptainBun (Original Post)
  30. ilichu (Original Post)

  31. Kailoris (Original Post)
  32. Hatsu (Original Post)
  33. Purrfection (Original Post)
  34. Millotii (Original Post)
  35. Dresden (Original Post)
  36. Mediave (Original Post)
  37. ArcaneAcelerando (Original Post)
  38. syelune (Original Post)
  39. strigiformes (Original Post)
  40. GigaByte (Original Post)

  41. NaturalHarmonia (Original Post)
  42. Erroe (Original Post)
  43. Gallies (Original Post)
  44. Groovin_Magic (Original Post)
  45. Aadrian1234 (Original Post)
  46. SgtBananarz (Original Post)
  47. Khallie (Original Post)
  48. Nordengard (Original Post)
  49. RyukyuSunflower (Original Post)
  50. Carnassial (Original Post)

Announcing the Winners of the “And… Action!” Screenshot Contest! (NA)!


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Quote Originally Posted by ChiramuView Post

Just wondering what people think qualifies as a "sightseeing" screenshot :/. Gridania has always been pretty important as a city state to me(even if I want to defect and join the Garleans XD) but I started here and this aetheryte was one of the first things I saw when entering the game.

Do you think this sort of thing would qualify to be a good entry? Or it would be a wasted entry? :/
Hi there!

What qualifies as a "sightseeing" screenshot? Screenshots that are concentrating on areas, places or landscapes that you find especially beautiful / striking. Places that you like and are meaningful one way or another.

No entry is a wasted entry
Good luck!

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion / Practice Thread



Please post your entries for the Sightseeing Screenshot Contest in this thread!

You can find full contest detailshere.

This thread is for entries only. We ask that you use the Discussion Thread for entry practice or to talk about the event. All non-entry posts in this thread will be moderated.

You can freshen up your /gpose skills and knowledgehere.

* Please note that the forum image attachment option is unavailable in the entry thread. We ask that you utilize image hosting sites such as Flickr, Imgur, etc. Some image hosting websites, such as Flickr, will delete images when an account is inactive for a certain amount of time, so make sure to verify this when choosing a site to host your entry image.

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Entry Thread



Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the Sightseeing Screenshot Contest and practice submitting your entries.

Please remember, you cannot edit your entries in the entry thread once you have posted.

The full contest details and rules can be foundhere.

You can freshen up your /gpose skills by checkingthis threadout!

When you are ready to make your entry, please do so by posting in theEntry Thread.

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion / Practice Thread



Are you ready to blow us away with your shots in this contest? Unsure about your /gpose skills? The next few tips include the basics to get you started:

1. Do you want to capture an emote, action or ability in the picture?
The gpose mode automatically repeats the last emote/ability/action you've commenced. So, before typing /gpose into the chat window, execute the emote/ability/action you want to be captured.

2. Entering the /gpose mode
There are a couple of ways you can enter the group pose mode, but the fastest way is by typing /gpose (or /grouppose) in the chat window.

3. Opening the /gpose settings
Keyboard: hit [R] or[*] on the numerical keyboard
PS4: [â–¡]
ABXY pad: [X]

Click image for larger version  Name:	gpose setting window EN.png Views:	120 Size:	100.3 KB ID:	4299

4. Controlling the camera
Keyboard: you can move the camera with the WASD keys, and use the Q and E keys to tilt the camera.
You can zoom in/out as you normally would on your character using the mouse wheel or Page Up/Down keys, but you can zoom further in or out by adjusting the Angle of View Settings under the General Settings.
Gamepad: you can move the camera with the left stick whereas the right stick rotates and tilts the camera. If you want to zoom further in or out, you can do that by adjusting the Angle of View Settings under the General Settings.

5. Freezing the Characters
While in group pose mode, you and your fellow party members will repeat the last used action.
Keyboard: Press the [1] key to disable/enable all motions, or press [2] key to disable/enable motion on the target.
Gamepad: Press [LT/L2] button on the gamepad to disable/enable all motions, or [RT/R2] button to disable/enable motion on the target.

You can cycle through your party members (as well as your companions, mounts, and even minions) by hitting the tab key.

6. Lights, Lights, Lights!
Is it too dark and just a little bit of light would make the perfect image? Group pose setting has light sources available!
Under the Lighting Settings you can place up to three light sources. The light source will be place where the camera is currently located at, so move that camera around to find the best place to leave the light source! You can then adjust the strength of the lighting by changing the type of lighting, as well as changing the colour of the light source.

7. Filters, Effects, and more!
Now you know all the basics and it's time to level up your photography game with all the cool effects!
Colour filters, screen effects, depth of field, and limb darkening can be found inside the General Settings section and frames can be found inside the Effect/Motion/Subject Settings.
Be sure to try out different combinations as they can produce some amazing screenshots!

8. Taking the image
Keyboard: hit [print screen]
PS4: [share]
ABXY pad: [L1 + start]

With these tips you can go from this¦
Click image for larger version  Name:	bad example.png Views:	368 Size:	1.86 MB ID:	4297

¦to this masterpiece!
Click image for larger version  Name:	good example.png Views:	511 Size:	1.40 MB ID:	4298

/gpose guide



Eorzea is a stunning place! Whether you like to feast your eyes on the vast blue oceans, wintery wonderlands or the golden deserts reaching out to the horizon “ there's something for everyone. So now we really want to know what your favourite sightseeing spot is.

Take a screenshot of your most treasured sightseeing location for a chance to win some great in-game prizes! And don't forget to use the usefulGroup Pose featureto enhance your photographs!

FINAL FANTASY XIV (Game) Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (Contest)

This Contest is being operated and promoted by:

Square Enix Limitedregistered in England and Wales with company number01840186 (Square Enix, We, Us, Our)with registered address at 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW.

The Contest is only open to holders of an active FINAL FANTASY XIV service account(Service Account)linked to a Square Enix Account servicing a PAL Territory Country* during the Entry Period and who are resident in aPAL Territory Country (Contestants, You, Your). Contestants who are residents of France or Spain should refer to the Additional Specific Provisions under these Rules relevant to their country of residence.


PLEASE READ THESE RULES (Rules) CAREFULLY.By submitting an entry to the Contest you agree to accept and be bound by these Rules and the terms of any policies referred to in these Rules. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the Contest at any stage if deemed necessary in our opinion and/or if circumstances arise which are outside of our control.

Take a screenshot of your favourite landmark or scenery in the Game.

How to Enter
Take a screenshot of your favourite landmark or scenery in the Game and post it in the dedicated contest participation thread here. Only one entry per person. If multiple entries are posted, only the first one submitted will be accepted. Entries cannot be edited after submission.

Contestants must include the following details of the Character to whom they wish to allocate the prize:
  1. Character name;
  2. World name; and
  3. Choice of one (1) in-game Prize (as defined below).

Please note that if no character name or world name is submitted, the prize will be awarded and sent to the character visible on the Contestant's forum handle. If no Prize is selected, we will select a prize from the list on your behalf.

Accepted Entry Format
  • The screenshot must be taken by you.
  • You may include a brief description under the screenshot (no more than fifty (50) words).
  • You may only use image editing software to crop your screenshot.

Entry Period
18 July 2017 10:00 (GMT) / 11:00 a.m. (BST) to 31 July 2017 10:00 (GMT) 11:00 a.m. (BST)

Entry Requirements
Contestants must possess an active Service Account and have access to a working internet connection and web browser in order to be able to enter. Contestants are responsible for all connection charges associated with the internet connection and subscription fees associated with the registration for a Service Account. Contestants must ensure that their contact information is correct at the time of registration for a Service Account, during and after submission of their Entry.

Contestants must accept our privacy policy locatedhere and cookies policy locatedhere. Contestants must have a permanent residence in a PAL Territory Country. Contestants under the age of 18 must obtain the permission of a legal guardian before submitting entries. The Contest is not open to employees, directors or other officers of Square Enix or its respective affiliates, agents, media partners and suppliers.

Winner Selection
The FFXIV EU Community Team will select thirty (30) of the best entries from the official Final Fantasy XIV forum languages (English/French/German) based on overall creativity and humour (Winners). Winners will be announced on the forum on or after 8 August 2017 (Announcement Date). Once the Winners are announced, Prizes will be delivered to each Winner via the in-game Moogle delivery service (which may be subject to change at our discretion).

We will award Winners with the below FINAL FANTASY XIV virtual prizes (the Prizes)*:
1. One (1) of the below in-game items:
  • Bluebird Earrings
  • Mandragora Choker
  • Ahriman Choker
  • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
  • Noble Barding

Name: Prize04.jpg Views: 33 Size: 56.1 KBName: Prize03.jpg Views: 36 Size: 59.8 KBName: Prize02.jpg Views: 31 Size: 78.3 KBName: Prize01.jpg Views: 28 Size: 63.5 KBName: Prize05.jpg Views: 27 Size: 48.5 KB

2. Twenty (20) Skyrockets

Click image for larger version  Name:	Skyrocket.jpg Views:	157 Size:	10.9 KB ID:	4318

*We reserve the right, at all times, to vary or modify the above list.

Each Prize is a virtual prize with no monetary value and cannot be sold or transferred to third parties. The Prize is only transferable to characters linked to the Contestant's Service Account.

We reserve the right to re-distribute any Prizes that remain unclaimed. No alternative prize shall be provided in place of the Prize.

Inappropriate Submissions
Entries containing obscenity, vulgarity, discrimination, or any other offensive subject matter and/or containing any plagiarized or copyrighted material will not be considered by the judges. Entries which infringe upon copyright/intellectual property, personal credit, privacy, are counter to public order and/or morals, are judged to be grossly deviant from the established theme, do not contain all of the required information or contain erroneous information may face disqualification. Square Enix reserves the right to judge whether or not material is appropriate for public display.

Additional Specific Provisions
Contestants resident in FRANCE:

In accordance with the 6th January 1978 data protection and freedom of information law n° 78-17, we inform you that you have the right to access, rectify and delete information concerning you, by requesting it in writing to the Promoter.

Contestants resident in SPAIN:
The name of the winner will be sent to anyone who requests the same within three (3) months of the Closing Date and by entering the Competition you hereby agree that the Promoter shall be permitted to do so if you are the winner. Requests should be made via the Square Enix Support Centre.



In the event that an entry violates a third-party's copyright, the user's Service Account may be suspended or cancelled. All entries and other materials (the "Entry Materials") (including all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights associated therewith) submitted by you become the property of Square Enix upon submission, and Entry Materials will not be returned to any contestant. In consideration of our acceptance and review of your Entry Materials into the Contest, you hereby assign to Square Enix absolutely all right, title and interest for the full duration of copyright in and to the Entry Materials throughout the world. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge that Square Enix Europe will own all rights to use, modify, and make derivative works of the Entry Materials, without separate compensation to you or any other person or entity. You agree to take, at Square Enix's expense, any further action (including, without limitation, execution of affidavits and other documents) reasonably requested by Square Enix to effect, perfect, or confirm Square Enix's ownership rights as set forth above in this paragraph. Entry Materials may be used by contestants only for purposes of the Contest or for private, personal, non-public viewing. Entry materials received by Square Enix may be destroyed by Square Enix at any time following the Contest.

Governing Law
These Rules and all or any dispute arising from them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Sightseeing Screenshot Contest (EU/PAL) - Rules



Q: Are there any plans to make Lodestone event functions and journal entries available in-game?

A: This is difficult to address because we would have to do a major overhaul of how the memory is handled.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII Q&A Update Thread



Q: The map in 4.0 is very large, but please let us know what improvements or difficulties you had when creating the 2D map.

A: For the 2D map, the new world map is about twice the width of the previous one, and we had a hard time creating it. For the standard area map, the method for creating them is set, so it wasn't that difficult. For region maps, we expanded it so you can check to see where the maps connect. This was easy for 3.0 and 4.0 areas, but there were lots of unused space for the 2.0 areas, so it was difficult to line them up together.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII Q&A Update Thread

Latest Lodestone News

Mega Mog Station Sale
Visit News Post - August 24, 2017, 6:00 am

FINAL FANTASY XIV has reached 10 million players worldwide, and to celebrate we're having a special sale on optional items on the Mog Station!

Read on for details.

Fan Fest Stream Sales End Soon – Don’t Miss Out on FFX Gear & Minions!
Visit News Post - August 23, 2017, 2:00 am

The global Fan Festival events in 2016-2017 were a great way to experience exciting announcements, dev. panels, in-game and live activities, and musical performances. If you missed out on attending any of the events or watching the live streams, don’t fret! The archived footage of each event is still available for purchase and viewing until August 31, 2017. Each purchase also includes your choice between the Abes or High Summoner attire and an FFX-themed minion!

Read on for details.

Announcing the Four-Year Anniversary 14-Hour Broadcast
Visit News Post - August 18, 2017, 9:00 am

FINAL FANTASY XIV will celebrate its four-year anniversary on August 27, 2017, and in honor of this momentous occasion, we’ll be hosting a special 14-hour broadcast!

Read on for details.

Tales from the Storm Updated!
Visit News Post - August 18, 2017, 8:00 am

As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV, we offer you a glimpse into the lives of several central characters with Tales from the Storm! Today we invite you to pore over the third installment: When the Wager Pays Off.

Read the third story.

* Please note that Tales of the Storm may contain spoilers from the main scenario.

FFXIV @ gamescom 2017 – Streamed LIVE
Visit News Post - August 18, 2017, 7:00 am

Our European teams are finalising preparations for our epic presence at gamescom 2017 where we have a wide range of content planned to make it one to remember! While gamescom boasts a monumental 350,000 attendees, we know that many of you simply can’t travel to Cologne, Germany – so we’re bringing the excitement to you! We’ll be streaming the whole show so you can experience all the fun from the comfort of your own home!

Read on for details on special guests and the streaming schedule.

Tales from the Storm Updated!
Visit News Post - August 11, 2017, 8:00 am

As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV, we offer you a glimpse into the lives of several central characters with Tales from the Storm! Today we invite you to pore over the second installment: A Calm After the Storm.

Read the second story.

* Please note that Tales of the Storm may contain spoilers from the main scenario.

The “Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII” Digest Released!
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We’re proud to announce that the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII event digest has been released!

If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again, take a look below.

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The Feast Season Five Underway!
Visit News Post - August 8, 2017, 10:00 am

The fifth season of the Feast is upon us! Parties of four clash in ranked matches, with prizes and prestige at stake.

The top-ranked participants from each data center will be rewarded at the end of the season, with additional rewards for reaching bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond tiers. Dare you test your mettle against a slew of fearless challengers?

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Visit News Post - August 8, 2017, 10:00 am

We’ve compiled all of the amazing artwork from the recent Stormblood Illustration Countdown into a brand-new fan kit!

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Patch 4.06 Notes
Visit News Post - August 8, 2017, 4:00 am

Patch 4.06 brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm including the start of Season Five of the Feast, and further adjustments to Disciples of War and Magic. 

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FFXIV Storms into PAX West 2017
Visit News Post - August 7, 2017, 7:00 am

Stormblood took us to the Far East, and now the FFXIV team heads west to attend PAX West 2017 in Seattle! We’ll be hosting a Battle Challenge for attending adventurers to test their might against the Lord of Revel himself, as well as a Lore and Localization panel with the one and only Koji Fox!

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Tales from the Storm
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As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV, we offer you a glimpse into the lives of several central characters with Tales from the Storm! Today we invite you to pore over the first of four installments: The Weight of a Name.

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* Please note that Tales of the Storm may contain spoilers from the main scenario.

Moonfire Faire
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The skies of Eorzea are ablaze with fireworks, and the city-states awash with seasonal cheer and vibrant decorations. Or at least they will be if willing adventurers can be found to lend a helping hand! The Moonfire Faire is once again hopelessly understaffed, but those with an eye for opportunity are sure to be generously rewarded. Assist the organizers and take part in the celebrations to earn Faire vouchers, which can be exchanged for brand-new, seasonal clothing and furnishings. Seek out the Moonfire Faire chaperones for an unforgettable and fun-filled adventure!

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FFXIV Storms into gamescom 2017
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FINAL FANTASY XIV is not to be missed at gamescom 2017 – Europe’s biggest computer and video game show! Join us for exciting battles and stage shows in Cologne, Germany from August 22 to 26! There will be plenty of action in our two amazing booths, where you can play and earn rewards like our famous “I BEAT” t-shirts, and much more!

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Announcing the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest!
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Seeking inspired and exotic furnishing designs from the minds of Eorzea’s finest artisans. Contact your resident guildmaster today!

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Announcing the Duty Commenced PvP Special – “Culling Time”
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The date has been set for the next episode of Culling Time! Tune in to watch the North American Community Team tackle some PvP content live and discuss recent updates. We’ll be doing giveaways during the stream as well, so don’t miss out!

Announcing the Winners of the “And…Action!” Screenshot Contest!
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Adventurers heard the call for “Action!” and answered it in droves! We’re excited to announce the finalists and grand prize winners of the “And…Action!” screenshot contest! We learned a lot about the power of the Group Pose feature by studying the entries and we bet you can too!

Peruse the full list entries, jot down some notes to rank up your own pose game, and then take a look at the winners!

Carbonized Matter Pricing Adjustments
Visit News Post - July 20, 2017, 10:15 am

With the release of patch 4.0, the sale price of grades 2 through 5 carbonized matter was changed in accordance with their removal from duties, quests, and gathering. However, pricing for these items is scheduled to be returned to their original values in early August with the release of patch 4.06.

Players who possess carbonized matter are encouraged to sell them to NPC vendors prior to this update.

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New Optional Items Available!
Visit News Post - July 20, 2017, 3:15 am

New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!

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Patch 4.05 Notes
Visit News Post - July 18, 2017, 5:30 am

Patch 4.05 brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm including adjustments to Disciples of War and Magic, Omega: Deltascape (Savage), and the Lost Canals of Uznair.

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* Updated on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

18.9, 26.6
27.1, 24.9 highest level


Fate le plus débile que j'ai pu faire : les caisses prennent une plombe à détruire et le boss tombe au bout de 5min avec 3-4 soldats et le chocobo (ninja stuff60) ...

Fisheyes needed or not?
I heard both

Found X: 18.3, Y: 19.2

Forgotten Springs (Teleport) > Southern Thanalan > Thanalan
Notable Areas: Broken Water, Sagolii Desert, Zanr'ak, & Zahar'ak (Beast Tribe Areas)
Connections to: Eastern Thanalan, Central Thanalan

Caught with snagging right next to quest npc, using salmon roe at 3pm ET, cloudy weather.

aus 15 legions-visieren habe ich mal eben 2 stück rausbekommen...

You can buy this on the mogstation

Fished @X: 32.6 / Y : 23.5 ( North Bloodshore fishing hole in Eastern La Noscea) with Rat Tail.

Location : The Slow Wash - The peaks X: 24.9 Y: 8.3, Ala Gannha tele
Bait : Salmon Roe
Conditions: For me it was fair skies, at 12:47pm ET
LVL/Gear: Lvl 61 with Augmented lvl60 script gear

Notes: Way easier to catch than fallen leaves if doing leve quests, got 3 in about 20 tries. Five other fish obtainable from fishing spot.

Location : Dimwold - The Fringes X: 9.7 Y: 28.0
Bait : Salmon Roe - Obtained from Merchant in Castrum Oriens
Conditions: For me it was clear skies, at 4:15pm ET
LVL/Gear: Lvl 61 with Augmented lvl60 script gear

Notes: Used Snagging. Feels difficult to catch. Got two in about 50 attempts. Used for the "If a Leaf Falls in the Water" leve quest.

Der Start-NPC steht im Nald-Kreuzgang (9,8).

Levequest turn in

Hey ! Tried to farmed it a few time and always bothered by someon so I'm gonna share that tip with you , X22,Y17 is where you want to get six of them regularly spawnig !

Startet 11/35 Yanxia, activated Large Gig Head and Truth of Oceans and fished 8 Ichthyosaurs to spawn the "Swimming Shadows" on the very other side of the Map (~37/34). Time doesnt matter it seems.
Some text after u fished Ichthyosaurs:
At the 3rd: "With the ichthyosaur caught, you sense further movement in the shadows."
At the 5th: "With the ichthyosaur caught, the swimming shadows intensify."
At the 6th:" With the ichthyosaur caught, the swimming shadows begin to take shape!"
At the 8th: "The shadow of an elusive sea creature lurks somewhere nearby!"

Last is the one who spawn the "Swimming Shadows" location!

Good luck on yours :)

Used the same Bait, Hookset and Location.

Dont know if Time and Weather care but i've got mine about 8.30 p.m. on Fair Skies.

Patch 4.0
360 red crafters' scrip
39 recipes

If a hidden map is revealed in any of the three nodes you will not get a hidden Birch Log.

Patch 4.06 has significantly improved the drop rate for these.
The droprate seems to be about 50%, 2 up to 8 hairs per drop.
I got on average 25 hairs for killing all 10 spawns (~2-3min).

Each of the exchanges possible listed in the currency section require HQ Rose Gold Cog(s).


This enemy looks like a Yeti with brown furr. Located in the desert-like south-western part of


マネスくんはBモブだけでね。 Lochs (7.2, 13.5) Z:0.9 で見ました。


Manes was' B Mob' found Lochs (7.2, 13.5) Z:0.9 ... Very easy to kill, I did not know was only B so asked for help and FC member came and we killed him in a few seconds with only 2 of us ww...

He is adorable though and my favourite type of monster/enemy in game.

Found it at x19.6 y22 - HE 2:24

Found At (x18.6: y9.4) - HE 0:10
Easy to solo (WAR)

This rare Fate spawns without being visible on the map, yet you will easily be able to tell if the Fate and its boss,, have spawned: If the weather switches to "Royal Levin", she is around.
By beating the boss you can obtain I got 6 horns in one run.
You can trade the horns in for a or in Idyllshire (6 horns each). Talk to Bertana.

Catching them with 592 gathering, no food, no Snagging, and no Patience. Night time (4:00am eorzean time atm). Fair skies. Salmon Roe bait (purchasable at Castrum Oriens from the Merchant & Mender there), @ 17.0, 8.5

Found at 17,15

The Azim Steppe (Tele: Reunion) x:32.3 Y:29.1 Z:0.3
Händler:Steppen-Koch = Nomaden-Fleischpastete 2.186 Gil
Dealer:Quilting Cook = Nomad Meat Pie 2.186 Gil

Caught with 645 gathering (no snagging) at 9:15pm ET.

Today marks the first possible week to earn this Achievement.

Today marks the first possible week to earn this title.

Yes, It just means you can't keep doing the same daily roulette multiple times on the same day. You have to get the full daily bonus for it to count.

The Exp from this guy is insane. Highly recommend a shout to the zone for it. His HP is a little ridiculous.

The fastest way to complete the Fate is to defeat only the boss and ignore the adds. To avoid being seen by adds, go on the veranda of the tiny wooden house behind the Fate, attack the boss once from the distance and run into the building (you can enter on the right). Inside the house adds won't see you, so that you can beat the boss without being bothered by them. The house is at X: 31.3 | Y: 12.6

Trouver à x30.7 , y36.9

spot de pêche: Lit de la Muni (sud) (22,35)
pêché au harpon avec la petite pointe

Mer de Rubis
Spot de pêche: Sui-no-Sato (18;19)
pêché au harpon avec la petite pointe

Mer de Rubis
Spot de pêche: Tamamizu (28;11)
pêché au harpon avec la grande pointe

De 22:00 à 23:55
et 10:00 à 11:55
Hautes terres du Coerthas occidental aux environs de X : 29 Y : 20
SLOT 6 - LVL 52

Can be repurchased through Calamity Salvager (Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa), under "Purchase Quest Rewards" for 100 gil.

Not true, fished it before I picked that one up

This debuff is cast upon you during the fight with Neo Ex-Death (Omega/Deltascape v4.0, Savage Mode only). To survive, you need to deliberately get hit by Flood of Naught (="die"). If you don't achieve this and the timer associated with this debuff expires, you will die (for real).

Map: The Dravanian Forelands
Position: X32, Y23 (Wooden Bridge near Aetheryte)
Bait: Stonefly Nymph (as I was only 52)
Time: 8 AM ET when caught multiple in row
Weather: Fair Skies when I tried, didn't try any other so who knows

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