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BayohneCommunity Rep04-27-2016 04:51 AM

To reiterate Yoshida's comments from the PAX East panel, the main goal for these threads is so that the dev. team can use your feedback to prioritize which items should have restrictions removed from, and less about listing every piece of currently locked gear. As there is another thread that is more closely in line with regard to prioritizing specific pieces of gear that users would like to see gender restrictions removed from, I will be closing this thread and asking you to make your suggestions there. I recommend listing specific pieces of gear in individual posts that other users can "Like!" to help prioritize!

Thank you for your cooperation!
Crossdressing or RIOT
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BayohneCommunity Rep04-27-2016 04:47 AM

Thanks for creating this thread based on the comments made by Yoshida at PAX East! Allow me to clarify the intent for those who may not have watched the panel or read Yoshida's comments posted elsewhere.

During the panel, Yoshida was asked about unlocking some of the currently existing gender-locked pieces of gear. Yoshida commented that to take every existing piece of gear and change it would take quite a lot of time and resources to accomplish on the design end. However, that doesn't mean that there can't be changes made. He said that the team is open to doing specific pieces at a time based on your feedback.

With that said, I'd like to suggest that instead of listing every piece of gear that currently exists, that you each list out specific pieces of gear that you would like prioritized.
If you agree with the item posted by another user, simply giving it a "Like!" on that post will help us see the demand and can help the team to prioritize.

Thank you all for your cooperation!
Gender Unlocked Gear Requests (PAX East Panel)
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BayohneCommunity Rep04-22-2016 06:57 AM
Hey, gang!

Since you seemed interested in the lore and story of the Vath and Gnath, I wanted to share this recent tidbit that the lore team offered up in response to a Japanese player's question regarding their names!

The Gnath, being linked through the Onemind, have no need of personal names. The Vath, on the other hand, having embraced their individuality, have attempted to adopt this tradition. However, because it is foreign to them, they have no restrictions on what is an acceptable name. This has led to a mixture of names describing one's purpose (The storyteller, the chronicler), and names describing one's intrinsic qualities (the hungerer, the deftarm). And then there is Cibleroit, who simply felt like taking an Elezen name because reasons.
Vath Beast Tribe Story/Lore - Thoughts & Discussions [SPOILERS]
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BayohneCommunity Rep04-20-2016 06:59 AM
Greetings, everyone,

I'd like to share a message from producer/director Naoki Yoshida in regards to the recent Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan.

Naoki_Yoshida's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Naoki_YoshidaView Post
Hello everyone,
FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshida here.

It's touching to see so many of you posting heartfelt comments in regards to the earthquake that occurred the other day in Kumamoto. The FFXIV development and operation teams would also like to extend our deepest condolences to all of those affected by the earthquake. While minor compared to the severity of the situation, Square Enix has announced a plan to support earthquake relief efforts.
Some players have made thoughtful suggestions to help support relief efforts such as through the purchase of Crysta. We have heard your willingness to help and held a conference with each of our project teams, as well as the management divisions in our company, and we have decided to support the earthquake relief efforts as a group.

Additionally, taking the situation into account for FFXIV, we have decided to temporarily halt the automatic reclamation of housing. We anticipate those affected by this earthquake may not be able to contact our company, let alone log into the game; therefore, in the next scheduled maintenance, we'll temporarily halt the timer for the automatic reclamation for housing for approximately two weeks. However, since this change is being implemented with urgency, please note that the announcement in-game will most likely still show the days remaining until the house is automatically reclaimed.

We will stop the internally running timer and observe the situation for about two weeks to decide if we should continue to halt the timer, or to resume it. In the event that we decide to resume the timer, we will make an announcement in advance.

Lastly, I hope and pray that those in the affected areas are able to make a speedy recovery.
A Message from Naoki Yoshida in Regard to the Kumamoto Earthquakes
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-15-2016 04:55 AM

Currently, in order to remove materia from melded gear you must have completed the "Waking the Spirits" quest which requires having a level 19 or higher crafting class. In Patch 3.3, we'll be changing the requirement for this quest so that it can be accepted and completed by any class/job higher than level 19. Once you have completed this quest, you will be able to remove materia by speaking to Mutamix Bubblypots.
I Shouldn't Have to Have a Lvl 19 Crafter to Remove Materia.
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-14-2016 04:12 AM

I'm pleased to say that ability to search the market board using partial names is currently planned for Patch 3.3!
QoL Suggestion - Marketboard Partial Name Searches
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CherzyCommunity Rep04-12-2016 03:30 PM
Greetings, everyone!

We're pleased to present the full digest from the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVIII! If you missed the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again (and again), check it out below!

*Don’t forget to select the 720p option to watch the video in HD!


Classes and Jobs

Q: Healers seem to miss their attacks quite frequently in dungeons released in Patch 3.2. Do you have plans to adjust healer accuracy?
A: Dungeons were created with the idea that your attacks would land on monsters without having to worry about accuracy. However, the accuracy requirements for the dungeons added in Patch 3.2 were set somewhat high. We're planning to reduce these requirements in an upcoming patch. As I've mentioned in the past, our plan is to avoid adding accuracy on healer equipment wherever possible, but we're aware there are many healers who would like to do damage while playing. We'll keep this in mind as we discuss accuracy requirements in the future.

Q: What's the status on the glamours for summoner's egis?
A: We've finalized the specs for this system, but it will require a significant amount of resources to implement. Our plan is to release one each patch, and we'd like to begin implementation from Patch 3.4 at the earliest. We're still discussing which egi we should start off with, so please hang in there just a bit longer.

Q: There are a lot of great gun designs in the game, but machinists often use Gauss Barrel and you can't really enjoy the original design. Can you implement a feature to hide the Gauss Barrel?
A: We've been receiving a lot of requests for this, so we'd like to insert a text command that will toggle off Gauss Barrel’s visual display, but only for the player using it.

Q: Full parties with a scholar and an astrologian don't have a Mind party bonus, which makes it quite difficult for healing. Do you have plans to change the party bonus for scholar or astrologian?
A: While it's not too difficult for us to change party bonuses, there may be scholar and astrologian players who feel that their roles are weakened by switching this from a Piety bonus, so we'd like to hear more feedback from the forums about whether to change this or not. If there is a large demand for it, then we can look into this.

Q: Is there any way to add a noticeable utility to the parry stat on tank equipment?
A: As of Patch 3.2 it's possible to meld materia into the new equipment sets, and we're aware that many tank players are not choosing parry when they are considering which materia to meld into their equipment, focusing on determination or critical hit rate instead. I’ve been discussing this with the development team, and they said that the parry calculation is based on a gradual curve, so even if players were to focus on parry, it wouldn’t have any noticeable effect because the rate at which enemy damage is mitigated would not necessarily increase. However, this is tied to large-scale system changes, and while I can't give an official comment just yet, we are looking into whether we can make adjustments in Patch 3.4, when the item level is increased, or around Patch 4.0.


Q: Since the introduction of Alexander: Gordias (Savage) the number of parties for it in Party Finder seems to vary greatly depending on the World. Do you have plans to make it possible to recruit members from other Worlds?
A: We’ve noticed many players are using the World transfer service in order to clear Alexander: Gordias (Savage). We're also aware of the differences in Party Finder recruitment numbers on each World, which is why we are looking into whether we can create a new raid finder system. On a basic level, this raid finder would have the same function as the Duty Finder, but it would primarily address Savage raids with specific participation requirements.

For example, you would be able to select whether you wanted to go for practice or to clear it by checking a box. If you were going into a raid to practice, you would be able to select the beginning, middle, or end phase of the fight. While it has not been finalized, we're also considering a check for achievements to determine whether or not a player has already cleared the fight. We’re currently working on this system and we hope to have it ready by Patch 3.3. We've also been receiving a lot of requests asking if we can create a Party Finder that spans across all Worlds, but I’d like to save that topic for another day.

Q: Did players clear Alexander: Midas (Savage) faster or slower than the development team had anticipated? I feel like the difficulty jumped up quite a bit in the second area.
A:The speed of players competing for world first in Midas (Savage) was just as the development team had anticipated. However, as I mentioned previously, the DPS checks for Midas (Savage) were easier compared to Gordias (Savage), but the settings for equipment with lower item levels makes it challenging, so many DPS characters were using advanced materia melding. In exchange for making the DPS checks in Midas easier, we set the boss damage to be a bit more severe. That being said, I think players’ overall run will go more smoothly if they try melding grade V vitality materia to their accessories.

When we observed the race for world’s first clear for Burden of the Son (Savage), we noticed that players who were struggling with the intensive damage from the boss began to use grade V vitality materia melds. I suspected they would clear it the next day, and sure enough, the world’s first group emerged victorious.

In regards to the Cuff of the Son (Savage), we're aware that players have been having difficulties, and I think one of the contributing factors to this is that the Arm of the Son (Savage) appears less difficult. The Cuff of the Son (Savage) is an area where you need to defeat four bosses in a row, although we consider this a single boss with four different forms and each is separated into phases. However, because each boss has unique mechanics and heavy damage output, there are a lot of instances where players need to redo the entire fight due to a single mistake.

While there are exceptions, what the development team had in mind was that players would complete the Fist of the Son (Savage) and the Cuff of the Son (Savage), obtain the items for those areas, and then challenge the Arm of the Son (Savage) after. That being said, I’ve been in discussion with the development team about adjusting the damage output in the Cuff of the Son (Savage). The major concern here is that the difficulty of the Cuff of the Son (Savage) and the Arm of the Son (Savage) would be reversed. These adjustments to the Cuff of the Son (Savage) have not been finalized just yet, so please stay tuned for follow-up information.

Q: To accompany changes in Patch 3.2, FATE spawn times have been reduced for FATEs related to the beast tribe daily quests. However, the spawn timing for "What a Boar" and "Quenching the Flame" seem to be longer than others. Please reduce the spawn time for these FATEs!
A: While we have made adjustments to the four FATEs associated with the Sylph, Amalj'aa, Kobold, and Sahagin quests, the only FATEs where the changes were really noticeable were Kobold and Sahagin. This is because two of the FATEs for each tribe take place in parallel, so the frequency for both increased. However, the Slyph and Amalj'aa FATEs are tied into three other FATEs, so the wait time may seem longer. FATEs are integrated into a very complex system, so any revisions to that system take quite a bit of time to process. But we'll continue to look into this and make adjustments as necessary.

Q: I'm having a hard time obtaining the orchestrion rolls from the Crystal Tower raids. We have to roll between 8 people, and because these items are used as crafting material, there's demand even for those who have already obtained them before. Please adjust the number of obtainable rolls from the chest!
A: Looking at market history data for the orchestrion roll that can be obtained from the Crystal Tower on each World, there are a significant number of Worlds where it hasn't even been put up for sale, so we'd like to make adjustments so that it's a guaranteed drop. The number of drops is still being worked on, but we can guarantee that at least one scroll will appear in the loot.

This Letter LIVE is focused primarily on questions about Patch 3.2, so we aren't covering much new about future updates. But since we're on the topic of 24-person raids, I brought a picture of the next part of the Void Ark that will be implemented in Patch 3.3. The Patch 3.3 Special will take place during Niconico Chokaigi, so please look forward to it!

* The video introduces some pictures of the next phase of the Void Ark content.

Q: I'm excited for Season One of the Feast to start, but I'm worried that certain jobs will become stronger or weaker with the adjustments that take place in Patch 3.25. Will Season One begin as planned from Patch 3.25?
A: The other day I posted the adjustment plans for the Feast, but we'll be making the following adjustments in Patch 3.25.
  • Make adjustments to reduce stalemates in 8 on 8 matches.
  • Remove walls from the arena's center in 4 on 4 and 8 on 8 matches.
  • Reduce the amount of HP the adrenaline box has.
  • Adjust the spawn rate and location of the offense and defense kits.
  • Balance adjustments for each job.
Additionally, we've been receiving a lot of feedback that machinist's burst damage is too high, so we're planning to make changes to this. In regards to match-making, the rating range was wider for the pre-season and formed on an algorithm that totaled the team’s strength. Therefore, there were many cases where higher rated players were matched with lower rated players. We were able to pull data for how quickly players increased their rating, so we will make changes to the algorithm based on that data. However, these adjustments will not be implemented in Patch 3.25. We’re planning to kick off Season One about two weeks after we make the initial changes and take a look at the feedback.

That being said, we hope to take your feedback into account as much as we can to preserve balance before commencing with the season.

While unrelated to the Feast, we decided that Patch 3.25 wouldn’t be pushed back because we'll be implementing the next phase of the Anima weapon quest. We're also planning to add more storyline to the Anima weapon series in Patch 3.3, and it'll be possible to change your weapon's secondary stats at that time.

We'll be proceeding with a system similar to that of the alexandrite that was needed to create Zodiac weapons, but it will not involve materia. Just like the initial stage of the anima weapon quest, we'll be preparing several avenues for obtaining the necessary items, so you can choose a method that suits your preferences. The weapon enhancements coming in Patch 3.3 will make them comparable to weapons affixed with grade V materia.

Here are some examples of the anima weapons in Patch 3.3.

* The video shows off illustrations of anima weapons.

Q: A collaboration event with Phantasy Star Online 2 has been announced in Japan. Will anything from that game be featured in FFXIV?
A: First off, thank you to all of the PSO2 players who've been discussing what may be implemented in FFXIV. However, we haven’t decided what we'll be doing for the collaboration event. Work on FFXIV is done with a schedule planned far in advance, and we haven't been able to fit it in just yet. Based on feedback from PSO2 players, the FFXIV development team would also like to work on returning the favor. Since we've determined that the collaboration period would have to be extended due to the schedule, we decided to first announce that Odin will make an appearance in PSO2. We'll be making a follow-up on the collaboration, so please look forward to this.

Gathering & Crafting-related

Q: During the 20th Letter from the Producer LIVE, you explained that a specialist system will be put in the game in order to provide balance for different players looking have options to play in various ways. However, there are now specialist recipes which require advanced melding, and the skill rotation for specialist actions has become much more complicated. It feels like the threshold for becoming a specialist has made it more difficult than before for players to approach crafting. Do you have plans to make adjustments, so more players can enjoy crafting?
A: Players couldn't craft items unless they leveled all crafters to 50 and acquired gear for them, which I said is a bit extreme. To address this, we implemented the specialist system so that you can craft items even when focusing on classes of your choice. However, between patch 3.0 and patch 3.2, we received some complaints that we were a bit too lax with these changes, and I feel that top crafters should be given favorable treatment. As for specialist recipes, the specialist restriction will be removed for older items with each major patch, so crafting shouldn’t be too difficult so as long as you're not trying to craft the newest items.
Also, in patch 3.3, we plan to raise the item level cap for Disciples of the Hand. I realize there may be mixed opinions about this, but we will be introducing a new set of equipment that can be shared between classes. Think of this as preparation for the new crafted gear sets coming in Patch 3.4. Naturally, in order to make the shared Disciples of the Hand equipment in Patch 3.3, the gear you're using now will come in handy, so it won't go to waste. We'll also be updating red scrips.

* The video introduce images of the new Disciples of the Hand equipment that will be implemented in Patch 3.3.

Q: Do you have any plans to add materia that can be used by the Disciples of the Hand as rewards for beast tribe quests?
A: Crafting materia won’t be available as a reward from the Ixal beast tribe quests, but we will be adding new avenues to obtain grade IV materia for crafters in Patch 3.3. We're still making adjustments to this, and I'll discuss this further during the Patch 3.3 special.

Q: I haven't leveled any Disciples of the Hand classes yet and I always ask my friends to meld materia, but they feel bad failing advanced materia melds over and over again. Do you plan on adding an NPC that we can use for advanced materia melding requests?
A: We've actually already created a system for melding materia into an open equipment slot via NPCs, but I feel the advanced melding system is more suited towards making a request to a player who's leveled the required Disciple of the Hand class. We'll look into implementing it for regular melding since there are often a lot of equipment updates, but we'd like to see more feedback on the forum in regards to advanced materia melding.

Q: I'm really happy that you implemented a system for switching HQ items into NQ items, but I'd be even happier if we could do this for multiple items at the same time.
A: Having a process that can turn a large amount of data into a different item with a single command opens the risk of data corruption in an MMORPG. It would need to check the items one by one, and there is also the possibility that it could cause the server to crash, so we'd like consider this very carefully. If we can improve upon this for the sake of convenience, we would.

Q: In Patch 3.2, legendary nodes were introduced and grade 5 carbonized matter can now be obtained from unspoiled nodes. However, GP doesn’t recover fast enough if we're gathering red scrip items at the same time. I would like to use more cordials to gather, so can you please consider reducing their recast time?
A: We're aware that a large amount of GP is being used, and the development team is considering shortening the recast time of cordials. Previously I was talking about the Disciples of the Hand equipment update, but we will also be adding new equipment for Disciples of the Land as well in Patch 3.3. This equipment will be the last for Disciples of the Land and Hand in the Patch 3.x series.

Q: I have a lot of love for the weapons that I enhanced myself, namely the Zodiac and Anima weapons. I think it would be fun to be able to enhance armor in the same way, so do you have any plans to introduce something like Anima armor?
A: We haven't made any decisions as to whether or not we will do this, but the development team has been talking about something like this for a future patch series, but not for 3.x patches. We'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Free Company-related

Q: The number of members in my free company have increased, so I've been thinking about buying a new L-size house, but I'm wondering if I should wait for the moving system. Could you tell us about this feature and when we will see it in game?
A:Just as I mentioned on a previous occasion, we'll be adding land in Patch 3.3, and we're aiming to have apartment-style housing in Patch 3.4. The moving feature will come after that. As part of our future plans, we'll be making enhancements to our current server structure to support things like housing and expansions to the Armoury Chest.

Q: Could you add an option to listen to music from the orchestrion as regular background music instead of with 3D sound? Also, do you have any plans to add a shuffle feature and add more songs from previous FINAL FANTASY games?
Regular background music instead of 3D sound
It's difficult for us to address this right away. As for the reason why, I will speak to the Sound Director Masayoshi Soken and have him post about this on the forum in the near future. However, we will be making adjustments to the 3D sound to address the problem of some songs being hard to hear.

Read Soken's comment.

Shuffle feature
This is currently in development. We’d like to continue to add features like this as we go.

Adding songs from other FINAL FANTASY games
It's difficult for us to add songs that are not used in FFXIV, but it might be possible to add these in as optional items.

Questions received in real-time

Q: Do you have plans to sell the Chinese-themed clothing which is sold exclusively for Chinese servers globally?
A: We're trying not to add too many optional items for sale, but if there is enough demand for this, as there was with the Lightning gear, we'll consider it.

Q: Could you please make it so the actual orchestrion roll items will stack? I would like to distribute them to my free company members, but they fill up the company chest.
A: I don't think you're able to stack items which have to be used individually. I would need to check back with the dev team regarding this, so we'll follow-up on it in the future. If stacking can be easily processed, we'll do this.

I was planning to show an image during the gatherer-related questions, and forgot to show this one.

* The video introduces a picture of what is being referred to as a "treasure hunter dungeon."

We're planning to introduce a dungeon, which is currently being referred to internally as the “treasure hunter dungeon.” Maps in Patch 3.3 may reveal an entrance to a dungeon instead of a chest. If players are lucky enough to reach the deepest part of the dungeon, they will be able to reach an area filled with treasure chests. It will be a new feature, but it won’t involve any difficult battles. While deciphering timeworn dragonskin maps, if you happen to unveil an entrance to the dungeon, you can shout and gather friends to enter it. We should be able to give more in-depth details next time, so please look forward to this!


Q: The Hildibrand quests in Patch 3.2 were really interesting. I'm also really interested in hearing when we can play the continuation of the other side quests such as the St. Endalim Scholasticate and the Delivery Moogle series.
A: We just had a meeting last week about the scholasticate quests, and we're working towards starting a new chapter from Patch 3.4. We’ll be adding Hildibrand quests in each patch. We're aware that there was feedback mentioning that the Hildibrand quests this time around were short, so we told the team in charge to try their best to expand upon them. As there are a lot of other side quests right now, we do not have any concrete plans for the Delivery Moogle quests at the moment.

Q: Sephirot does not directly influence the main scenario quests, unlike previous primals. Does this mean the Warring Triad’s story is going to be expanded upon separately from the main scenario?
A: While the Warring Triad’s story is separate from main scenario, elements from main scenario, such as the Garlean Empire, will appear in the plot. We thought we would separate the storylines so that players would be able to challenge these trials early on. However, elements from the storyline of the Warring Triad will also be involved in the main scenario in the future.


Q: The number of attractive rewards available in the Gold Saucer has increased, but there’s not enough MGP divvied out to buy them all. Do you plan on increasing the amount of MGP rewarded?
A: In Patch 3.25 we will be increasing the amount of MGP rewarded for the challenge log. We will also be making an extensive update to chocobo racing, which will introduce challenge races against NPCs. A hefty amount of MGP will be rewarded from these challenge races, so please give it a try!

Q: Previously, I read an interview where Yoshida mentioned that Fenrir is listed as one of the mounts that will fly. Are there any other existing mounts that will also become able to fly?
A: Fenrir will be able to fly in Patch 3.3. It’s still in development, but I requested to have it freeze the air and run on top of it to “fly.” After this is finalized, we're looking into the three mounts which you can obtain from the tank achievements. It'll require a lot of resources to release all three at once, so please be patient. We’re also planning to introduce a new flying mount in Patch 3.3. This is one of the cotton-like plants you can find in the Churning Mists. This mount will also glow during the night.

* The video introduces a picture of the new flying mount.

Q: In a previous Letter LIVE, you mentioned a new feature that would let us make our own platoons. Can you please tell us how it's coming along?
A: There were some setbacks in the planning stage, but we're expecting to have this ready for Patch 3.4 as of the current schedule. However, I cannot make any promises as to whether they will be able to enter dungeons alongside you at the time they are added to the game. We're also planning to unlock the first lieutenant rank for Grand Companies at the same time. These ranks will not be ready for Patch 3.3, although there will be new Grand Company equipment.

* Yoshida mentions second lieutenant rank in the video, however the rank that will unlock at the same time as platoons will be the first lieutenant rank.
* The video introduces a picture of the new Grand Company equipment.

Special Guest Section

Guest: Lead UI Artist Hiroshi Minagawa

Minagawa has worked on the following games:
Magical Chase, Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre: The March of the Black Queen, FINAL FANTASY Tactics, Vagrant Story, FINAL FANTASY XII, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Q: What kind of work does a lead UI artist undertake?
A: Minagawa: In general we're known as UI designers or UI planners. In FFXIV, I carry out tasks as both a designer and a planner. The role differs between the start of the game development and when you are in the middle of development. As a UI planner, my first job is to receive the overview from the producer and plan a structure which is compatible on different platforms as well as a multitude of languages. I also create mockup images for the game so I can share common visual features with the staff who will work on the project. As a UI designer, I create the title logos, as well as each of the patch logos.

Q: Is there anything you would like to mention to Yoshi-P right now?
A: Minagawa: Please take care of your health. Our desks are near each other and I know he's always working late.

Yoshida: I knew I wanted to work together with Minagawa and this is what fueled my motivation at Square-Enix. But when I took charge of FFXIV as producer and director, I wasn’t able to work alongside him. I remember during the process of transitioning from FFXIV 1.0 to A Realm Reborn, the dev team members were deciding on their seating arrangements, and Minagawa brought his own desk near mine, saying he wanted to be assigned next to me.

Q: What user interfaces in other MMORPGs have impressed you?
A: Minagawa: In terms of the default UI where no add-ons are being used, I would have to say RIFT and ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, two titles released after Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Both of these titles were released around the time that FFXIV was being reborn, so to speak, and they served as great references. There are a lot of commonalities in terms of visual aspects and features in an online game, and I have a lot of respect for developers that challenge themselves with new content.

Q: There are many MMORPGs out there, but is there anything you had trouble developing to make FFXIV stand out?
A: Minagawa: I believe it is critical to create a standard interface for the MMORPG for PC users. However, we still have to consider how to make the controls gamepad-accessible for those who primarily play console games. I've had the most difficulty combining the needs of both types of players into a single UI. Because this is a numbered FINAL FANTASY game, we've developed the UI so that it's easy for those fans who want to play a new FINAL FANTASY console title even if they have never experienced an MMORPG. We’ve been adding a variety of new functions to the game for every patch, and we're aware that some of these are a little overwhelming for new players. Much like the Hall of the Novice in Patch 3.2, we’ve been working on a feature for new players in Patch 3.3 that will make it possible to optimize their equipment.

* The video introduces a video illustrating the “Recommended Gear” command.

We've added a "Recommended Gear" button next to the Gear Set List button in the Character window. Pressing this button will list the best gear available in your Armoury Chest which you can then equip.

Yoshida: There are two reasons for why we wanted to implement this feature. The first is that when compared to other new games, there are a lot of different gear slots in FFXIV, and we wanted to make it so you could update your gear sets easily with a single button since there are often cases where players progress through the game without updating their equipment. The second is the variety of gear in FFXIV. With so many different types, it may be difficult to tell which specific piece should be worn. Even so, I think the definition of “optimal” may vary greatly among our hardcore players. For instance, some players will consider secondary stats over item level when equipping accessories. This is something we would like you all to keep in mind for this feature.

Q: Picked up a question from Yasumi Matsuno (game designer) on Twitter.
Yoshida, what happened to that text command I asked for when we went out drinking last year? Add a new text command (ex: <targethp>) to display a target's HP in chat. You mentioned you would ask Minagawa, but can I have an update?
A: Minagawa: I can’t answer right away, so I will look into this once I get back to the office.

Q: Would you like to do research with UI/UXs designed for VR games? Or are you already working on this?
A: Minagawa: I have an interest in playing VR games as a hobby, but whether or not to implement it into FFXIV’s UI is a completely different story. Though if it’s possible to make a limited VR game within FFXIV, I'd like to challenge our team to do it.

Q: In a previous Letter from the Produce LIVE Yoshida talked a little about a double cross hotbar, but I would like to know what this is.
A: Minagawa: The "double cross hotbar" was the internal development codename and I never thought it would become the official name. I was a bit worried that announcing the name ahead of time would raise expectations too high, but I brought along a video of the double cross hotbar currently in development.

* The video shows the double cross hotbar.

The "double" in double cross hotbar refers to double-clicking. By quickly pressing the R and L triggers on the game pad twice, another hotbar will appear. The way this is used won't be much different to those of you familiar with hotbar cycling, but the double cross hotbar is one step faster in returning to the original. However, after having a lot of testers internally test this feature out, there was a 50-50 split between those who would use it and those who wouldn't, so we're making further adjustments to make it more convenient. We're aiming to implement this feature in Patch 3.4.

Yoshida: I think the double cross hotbar will be useful for actions with long recast times, but makes it possible to keep those actions you absolutely need.

Q: Could you tell us what you can about the progress of add-ons?
A: Minagawa: I apologize, but development has been postponed.

Yoshida: It’s being postponed because the major concern is what to do about DPS meters. If we were to implement the add-on system in its current form, I fear that there would be arguments about having or not having a DPS meter. Due to this, the addition of a DPS meter is still pending. We're currently discussing add-ons that would allow you to make design changes such as adjustments to the UI or changing skins.

Minagawa: We were considering implementing add-ons roughly a half-year after the launch of A Realm Reborn. At that time, we had been thinking of implementing add-ons for the PC and then adding the same features to PS3/PS4 as part of the core system. However, we determined that it would be difficult to add the system itself to PS3/PS4 due to a lack of space.

Our biggest concern is adding this for the PC version only would result in functionality differences between platforms. So we've been delaying the feature. This is not to say that the plan for add-ons has been abandoned, but we'd like to prioritize adding official systems to the game instead of add-ons for the time being.

Q: I've been playing more PvP lately, and it's a lot of work to switch between PvE and PvP hotbars every time. Can you please consider registering hotbars for PvP and PvE individually?
A: Minagawa: We've had the same feedback come up internally as well, but having two types of memory for every job is an extremely difficult process to accomplish. However, we're looking to see if there is a different method for switching. Since it's already possible to switch hotbars using the macro system, the development team is working to make use of these macros easier. We've also been receiving comments that players would like to constantly change their allocated PvP action points, and we're creating a system that would allow you to save multiple sets that can be loaded any time you wish. We're aiming to implement this in Patch 3.3.

Q: With the number of actions and jobs increasing, I've filled up all my macro slots. Do you plan on adding more macro space? Also, there are a lot of macros I want to make that exceed 15 lines. Will you be increasing this limit in the future?
A: Minagawa: We've just finished checking whether we could change the macro system from its core structure. While it will take a significant amount of time, we're planning to make adjustments. At the moment, there are 100 macros for a single character; however, we are thinking about changing this so macros are shared between multiple characters—meaning that it will be possible for Character A to use the same macros as Character B. Along with this, we've been looking into increasing the macro lines past the current 15 line limitation, but since we’re concerned with bot-like usage, I can't say the specific number of lines.

Q: Would it be possible to implement a feature to store several patterns for HUD layouts as favorites? I want to be able to change the layout according to job.
A: Minagawa: We're working on this now, and aiming for Patch 3.3 implementation. We're going to add a save button to the HUD layout mode so you can save your settings. We're thinking of making three sets you can save, and making it possible to switch between the layouts via a new menu, or through a macro, giving players the option to switch layouts when switching gear sets.

Q: I play on a gamepad, but with the new actions added at level 60, I'm having a tough time finding space to place them. I'm assuming we'll eventually reach level 70 and 80, so I think it's going to be even more difficult when there are more skills. Can you look into addressing this in some way?
A: Minagawa: We're also concerned about this. The double cross hotbar we introduced earlier is one of several measures we will take to address this. However, we believe using this at all the time could prove difficult. We would like to keep the next expansion and the actions to come in future in mind for this. This is something I've been discussing with Yoshida early on.

Yoshida: If we were to add more actions, it’ll become near impossible to use all of them. Although it hasn’t been decided, we're thinking of various approaches to this issue such as changing the system to where you select the actions, including existing ones.

Q: There's a display limit in 24-man raids such as Crystal Tower, and Void Ark, so there are times where I can’t see the DoTs I put on the target. Can you make it so my own debuffs display on the focus target?
A: Minagawa: We’ll look into this. We didn't know what kinds of actions would be added in the future so we squeezed in as much information that can be displayed during a battle as possible. Now that we have a better understanding of how much space we have, we believe we can increase the amount of information displayed, so please give us a little more time for this.

Q: I want to glamour equipment I use on multiple jobs on a job-by-job basis. Do you plan on implementing a feature to do this?
A: Minagawa: Unfortunately, it is not possible. This would require us starting from scratch, or developing an entirely new system. Inside the item data, there is one section which stores information on which graphic to use, and this data can only store one piece of information.

Yoshida: This is not to say we won't do it at all. However, doing so with the current system would require rewriting data for several thousand items, which may lead to bug-related issues. Therefore, even if we were to do it, we would need to come up with another method.

Q: In quests (in the Japanese version), only the player character’s name comes up in alphabet letters, and it looks out of place. You previously mentioned that you would like to consider registering a name which can be used only for quests, but during that time, you had many tasks at hand and weren't sure when this could be implemented. Has there been any progress on this?
A: Minagawa: We did look into it, but decided to not do this. Character names vary from player to player, and dialogue boxes utilize syntax such as to call up the data containing character names. This data is used not only for dialogue boxes, but also for name plates and chat windows. Changing this would complicate the process, and could potentially lead to confusion for players as well.

Q: Previously, the Valerian equipment from Tactics Ogre was put into the game, but do you have any plans to add equipment from Vagrant Story?
A: Minagawa: The Valerian series equipment, which is based on Tactics Ogre, was quite simple to design as the original game was pixelated--it could easily it fit inside the world of FFXIV. Vagrant Story is an old game, and many people may not know it, so I've brought an image.

* The video introduce characters from Vagrant Story.

The image you see here is the main character and his rival. As you can see, the rival is bare from the waist up, and you can see the main character's behind from the back. When this game was released, we used PlayStation’s polygons to somewhat hide it, but if we were to reproduce this equipment with the quality of PlayStation 4, we’re a bit worried that this type of visual may lead to various problems.

Yoshida: We can adopt certain pieces of these outfits, so we’ll consider it if it passes the ethics check.

Q: My Armoury Chest and inventory are always full. Do you have plans to expand the amount of items we can hold?
A: Minagawa: We have begun looking into this closely to see how we can make this possible. We're discussing with Yoshida on how we can expand them without losing game performance. It will require more time, but we do expect to increase inventory space.
Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVIII Digest (2016/04/12)
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CamateCommunity Rep04-12-2016 09:14 AM
Thank you so much for all the amazing entries!

Sound director Masayoshi Soken will be showcasing the finalists and selecting the winners during Nico Nico Chokaigi 2016 on April 29. Please look forward to it!
Heavensward Music Contest (NA) - Entry Thread
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-12-2016 07:41 AM

I would like to share a comment from sound director Soken regarding the orchestrion.

Hey, everyone!

Sound Director Masayoshi Soken here.

I would like to thank you all for the valuable feedback you have sent to us in regard to the orchestrion.

Allow me to dive right in and explain details about the orchestrion. Unlike the typical background music you hear in-game, the orchestrion utilizes a totally different system to play audio. In order to raise the quality of the music that the orchestrion plays to be at the same level of quality as you would normally hear, we will need to make some drastic improvements to the current sound driver and the data itself. I apologize that this is taking some time to accomplish; however, we're currently working towards making further improvements so please hang in there a bit longer!

Additionally, we received comments stating the the directional audio effect was too pronounced. We should be able to make adjustments on individual songs to fix this, so we're currently working on these in order. But! There is a large amount of data, so we may or may not make it by the next patch... No! We'll make it in time!! We'll do our best to get it done!!!

For those interested in the background story that explains the more technical aspects of how the current iteration of the orchestrion was created, I've prepared a detailed explanation that you can read below.

FFXIV's sound is played on top of a very complicated sound system. In order to implement the orchestrion, we could not play the audio in the same manner as the normal background music due to size restrictions within the system. This meant that we had to decide between not implementing the orchestrion at all or take out various aspects of the system in order to get it into the game. This time we chose the latter option. The reason that the sounds is played using 3D direction audio isn't because we wanted to implement it that way, but because of that fact that it was the best solution available when considering methods to improve the audio quality within the system restrictions.

In other words, one of the things we had to drop in order to implement the orchestrion was the feature which everyone has suggested - the ability to listen to the music in the same quality throughout the house instead of the 3D directional audio.

Let me explain a bit more about why we had to make this call.

There are many different songs in the game, and in order to have the music change instantly, and to be listened by many players at once, we were required to lower the amount of data for each song in the orchestrion. To be more specific, we needed to make the data smaller, approximately 1/50th of a CD quality song in order to implement this. To better explain this as musical data by converting this to measures, say we wanted to play a 5 minute song, but we only have room for 6 seconds but we still needed to make it work.

There are three major ways to lower the sound data:
  1. Use a high compression codec
  2. Reduce the sampling rate or bit rate
  3. Remove the channels
For the first method, this is already implemented in every bit of sound data since the release of FFXIV, so we implemented the second and third option as well. Lower the quality of the audio to the lowest quality, and dropping the channels from being stereo to mono. Honestly, as a sound director, I feel bad that we have to deliver the background music in this quality, and I was thinking of methods to somehow make improvements when implementing it. And this is where we decided to go with the 3D directional audio heard from a furnishing to try and eliminate the audio quality as much as possible. From a data standpoint, this was the only available method to implement, so we made improvements on how the audio is played to get this implemented.

And this is why the system utilizes a feature where the audio is played through a furnishing. We decided that if it's setup in a way that the audio is coming out of a furnishing, even if the quality of the audio is the lowest, and also being played in mono, we can somehow bring it the the level where we can play the songs, and this is how we were able to prepare 47 tracks for release. This is what went on behind the scenes for implementing the orchestrion.

Details on the drastic improvements for the sound driver and data which I mentioned at the start is much more complicated, so I would like to write this up at another time!
Orchestrion Feedback
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-12-2016 03:50 AM
Sharpen your fangs and claws because the first season of the Feast is planned to commence on Thursday, April 14!

I'll see you on the battlefield!
3.2 PvP: Feast Game Mode Discussion Thread.
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EU_Community_TeamCommunity Rep04-11-2016 06:35 PM
The submission period has come to a close. Thank you for all the wonderful entries!

Sound director Soken will be showcasing the finalists and selecting the winners during Nico Nico Chokaigi 2016 on April 29 & 30!
Heavensward Music Contest (EU) - Entry Thread
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CamateCommunity Rep04-09-2016 02:41 AM
Thank you very much for large amount of feedback regarding ranked rewards for the Feast (4 on 4 - Light Party).

We've been checking various aspects on the Feast, such as matchmaking and the number of players participating, and based on this data the team has held a discussion on rewards. Since there have been many requests, especially from North America and Europe, we have decided to prepare ranked rewards for Season 1 of the Feast (4 on 4 - Light Party).

As the end of Season 1 approaches, we will follow-up with details on how many top tier players will be receiving rewards and what kind of rewards will be available. We hope that with these new rewards will serve as competitive motivation to participate in the Feast as a light party as well as solo!
[Feast Feedback] Rewards and New PvP Profile
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-08-2016 05:07 AM

I bring with me some housing-related updates!

Shikiseki's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ShikisekiView Post
- Also something like a bridge surrounded by a pond would be very pretty.
You'll be happy to hear that we're currently planning to add an oriental style red bridge along with a pond to go with it in Patch 3.3!

Shikiseki's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ShikisekiView Post
- More eastern/oriental housing glamours in general.
A player on the Japanese forums submitted the following suggestion as part of an oriental themed outdoor furnishing:

ncrmn's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ncrmnView Post
We're planning to implement something similar to this in Patch 3.3. It'll be possible to dye the roofing as well.

Lofticries's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by LofticriesView Post
- add a "Skywatcher" NPC to the housing areas
We'll consider adding a Skywatcher NPC to each of the housing wards.

Additionally, we have received requests to be able to have individual food items instead of the sets of food. For example, drinks, soups, and cakes as separate food furnishing items, so you can enjoy combining them as you like to decorate your homes.

While some of you may already know this, consuming all the food available from the current food furnishing items will leave you with an empty plate, which has generated a good amount of requests for plates as furnishings. We'll see if something like this can be added in the future.

Thanks again for posting your suggestions, and don't forget to keep posting any others ideas, or furnishings you find throughout Eorzea which you would like to add to your house!
Housing Ideas and Feature Requests
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Naoki_YoshidaDev Team04-07-2016 10:24 PM
Producer and Director Yoshi-P here.
Once more, I want to thank you all for the comments we received following the release of patch 3.25.

In preparation for the beginning of Season One of the Feast’s rated matches, I'd like to talk about some of your feedback, as well as the changes we have planned for patch 3.26.

System Changes
Casting Interruptions
Following the release of patch 3.22, we received a tremendous amount of feedback regarding the changes to spell casting functionality. The most commonly expressed opinion was:

“You should reduce the damage threshold for interruption from 15% to 10% of max HP.”

It also became clear to us that, because we were using a simple calculation based on max HP, healers and casters were gravitating towards a strategy of using vitality accessories to reduce the risk of being interrupted, even if it resulted in decreased attack and healing magic potency.

However, we are concerned that merely reducing the interruption threshold to 10% of max HP, without changing the underlying design, may once more make it too easy for casting to be interrupted, as well as have little effect on the usage of vitality accessories. Therefore, after careful consideration of your feedback, we have decided to change spell casting functionality as follows:

The damage required to interrupt casting will be determined by the caster’s item level.

It is our intention that a player’s max HP will not affect this set amount of damage, which will be calculated for PvP content that is item level synced to either IL 80 or IL 150. In other words, the threshold to interrupt casting will be automatically calculated based on item and class/job level, and will be unaffected by HP boosting buffs and vitality accessories.

I understand that this may be harder to grasp than a simple calculation based on max HP. However, if we were to retain the original functionality, we believe it would have little effect on the usage of vitality accessories and other strategies to increase max HP.

While the precise calculations in use will not be made public, you may think of it as though a caster can be interrupted if you deal roughly 15% of their max HP before any increases from vitality accessories and other methods are taken into account.

As always, we welcome your feedback, and look forward to hearing what you have to say after the changes go live.
PvP Ratings and Matchmaking
We also received a lot of feedback regarding the rating and matchmaking systems. In particular, many of you were worried about being matched with opponents of a significantly higher or lower rank. I touched on this issue briefly during the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVIII, when I explained how we had intentionally expanded the matchmaking range for the preseason so that players could take part in more matches.

Patch 3.26 will see the start of Season One, and at that time we will be changing the matchmaking algorithm to ensure that you are more likely to be matched with player in the same or an adjacent tier, and only within a range of three tiers (For example, a match might include players from the bronze, silver, and gold tiers only).

However, as this will increase matchmaking times, we are currently debating whether or not we should expand the range of eligible players if a given period of time passes without finding enough participants. At the moment, we do not wish to utilize this solution, as ideally we would like all matches to be held within the same tier. We are considering our options for Season Two, and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

We are also planning to make several adjustments to the rating system so that, when in a lower tier, a player’s PvP rating will increase by a larger amount when they win a match, and decrease by a smaller amount when they lose a match. This will make it easier for players to advance to higher tiers, and make it harder for them to be demoted.
Heavy Medal
With the release of patch 3.22, a stack of Heavy Medal went from increasing damage received by 10% to 15%─a change which many of you believed might have gone too far. Some on the dev team also thought it might be too high as well, as the flow of battle usually results in players filling their adrenaline gauges in the latter half of the match, which could place teams that gather medals early or midway through at a disadvantage, making it easy for their opponents to mount a last minute comeback.

To address this concern, with patch 3.26, a stack of Heavy Medal will increase damage received by 12% (currently 15%). We will also be adjusting the medal counts at which players incur another stack of Heavy Medal.
  • 1st stack: 150 → 150 15% → 12%
  • 2nd stack: 170 → 170 30% → 24%
  • 3rd stack: 190 → 190 45% → 36%
  • 4th stack: 200 → 200 60% → 48%
  • 5th stack: 210 → 210 75% → 60%
  • 6th stack: 220 → 220 90% → 72%
  • 7th stack: 230 → 225 105% → 84%
  • 8th stack: 240 → 230 120% → 96%
  • 9th stack: 250 → 240 135% → 108%
  • 10th stack:  ─ → 250 ─  → 120%
Our hope is that this rebalancing will encourage players to collect medals, while still ensuring that those who carry large quantities are still impacted.
Adrenaline Rush
For patch 3.25 we made adjustments to the HP and placement of adrenaline, and many of you commented that this gave you more opportunities to use adrenaline rush. However, we also received feedback from players who wanted to use adrenaline rush more without relying on adrenaline kits. Therefore, we will be increasing the rate at which the adrenaline gauge fills.

For 4 on 4 matches, the accumulation rate will be increased by approximately 30%, and for 8 on 8 matches, it will be roughly double the current rate.

Moreover, until now, the adrenaline gauge only filled when the player was engaged in combat. As a result, when players were KO’d, they could no longer accrue adrenaline, placing their team at a disadvantage.

To address this issue, we will be making it so that the adrenaline gauge fills even when the player is not engaged in combat. Because teams will have the option to utilize adrenaline rush at roughly the same time, they will have to carefully consider the timing of their actions, which should lead to more interesting tactics.

In addition, many of you provided feedback that the duration of the animation lock following the use of Empyrean Rain was too long, and so we have decided to shorten it.
Job-specific Changes
Of course, the greatest amount of feedback we received related to various jobs and their abilities. We would like to thank you all for your many detailed suggestions.

With patch 3.26 we will be making the following adjustments:

Black Mage
  • Sleep
    Duration: 15s → 12s (PvP only)

  • Night Wing
    Duration: 10s → 8s (Enhanced Night Wing II: 15s → 12s)
Sleep is highly effective at turning the tide of battle, and players found it stressful to be repeatedly afflicted with sleep and unable to act. For players with Sleep Resistance, the duration will be halved (6s for Sleep and Enhanced Night Wing II, 4s for Night Wing).
White Mage
  • Repose
    Duration: 15s → 8s
    Duration halved with successive uses (8s → 4s → 2s)
Fluid Aura followed by repeated Repose was judged to be overpowered, and so we decided to adjust Repose while leaving Fluid Aura as-is.
  • Between the Eyes
    Potency: 150 → 120 (Enhanced Between the Eyes II: 180 → 150)
As touched upon in the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVIII, we determined that Machinist burst damage was a bit high.
Dark Knight
We received a great deal of feedback from players who felt that dark knight was lacking in both offensive and defensive capabilities when compared to paladin and warrior, and to address these concerns we will be making the following changes.
  • Dark Arts
    Recast Time: 5s → 3s (PvP and PvE)

  • Tar Pit
    Potency: 200 → 250 (Enhanced Tar Pit II: 240 → 300)
    Recast Time: 150s → 120s (Enhanced Tar Pit: 120s → 90s)
    HP Absorption: 20% → 150% (Enhanced Tar Pit III: 40% → 200%)

  • Carnal Chill
    Recast Time: 120s → 90s (Enhanced Carnal Chill: 90s → 60s)
    Damage Penalty: 10% → 40% (Enhanced Carnal Chill III: 20% → 60%)
    Duration: 20s → 6s
Tar Pit should now function as a self-preservation technique, and Carnal Chill as a way to quickly lower the damage dealing capabilities of opponents. Also, while Carnal Chill’s duration has been shortened, recast times for these abilities have been reduced, which should enable players to employ them more effectively. These changes are intended to make dark knight function as a tank that can protect himself and his allies through debuffs and health absorption.
  • Storm's Eye
    HP recovery decrease not available in PvP areas
Warriors can be highly competitive in prolonged engagements due to their preeminent burst damage among tanks, and their ability to reduce slashing resistance with Storm’s Eye. However, these offensive capabilities, when combined with their HP recovery debuff, led us to determine that they overpowered, and so we have decided to remove this component of their attack in PvP.
  • Dancing Edge
    HP recovery decrease not available in PvP areas

  • Fetter Ward
    Can now be used by Rogue / Ninja
Ninjas, like warriors, possess a strong advantage in prolonged engagements due to their HP recovery debuff, and so we have decided to remove this component of their attack in PvP as well. However, compared to other melee DPS, it is more dangerous for them to utilize adrenaline rush, which is why we have decided to make Fetter Ward available to them.
  • Feint
    Duration: 10s → 6s (Enhanced Feint: 20s → 10s)

  • Skewer
    Duration: 10s → 6s (Enhanced Skewer II: 15s → 10s)
Feint is often utilized as an additional action in PvP, and many players found it frustrating to deal with due to its effectiveness. Skewer’s INT reducing ability was adjusted as part of overall balancing.
Summoner / Scholar
  • Aetherflow
    Effect can no longer be removed by enemy attacks (*Edited to clarify at 10:42 a.m.)
We received a tremendous amount of feedback from players regarding this very issue. After careful consideration, we decided that it was unacceptable that players could prevent the usage of an ability required for so many job actions.

Although Season One of the Feast begins with patch 3.26, if we determine that there are significant balance issues or differences in job capabilities, we are prepared to make adjustments immediately, even if it falls within the season.

We’re looking forward to receiving more feedback from you all throughout the course of the upcoming season. Until then, please look forward to opening day!

* French and German versions of this post will be released when they are finalized. We thank you for your understanding.
3.2 PvP: Feast Game Mode Discussion Thread.
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-07-2016 06:55 AM
Niamh_Rillemaugh's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Niamh_RillemaughView Post
Half of those are race-specific as well, btw.
We're currently prioritizing the addition of new hairstyles that can be enjoyed by all races, but we will continue to look into opening up previously exclusive hairstyles to other races as well. If there are any specific hairstyles you would like to see added, please let us know so we can use them for future reference!
Gender Neutral hair for males.
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-07-2016 06:14 AM
Thanks for these great suggestions! We've passed them over to the dev. team!
[Feast Feedback] Rewards and New PvP Profile
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-07-2016 06:14 AM
Thank you all for providing valuable feedback for the Feast and morale.

We're currently compiling a list of adjustments we're planning to make, so hang tight just a bit longer!
3.2 PvP: Feast Game Mode Discussion Thread.
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-02-2016 07:44 AM
Greetings Rannie,

I'm not sure I understand your question! What do you mean by "can you make this a real thing?" This is completely real! However, you may not have had a chance to try it as it's currently in the beta phase. For those of you not aware of our new chocobo-based ridesharing initiative, then I'd suggest that you read up on the full details on the official ChocoGo website.

And while you wait for the service to exit beta, you can start preparing by planting your Gysahl Greens.

Oh, and before I forget. Hear...Feel...Think...
Can we make this a real thing?
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-01-2016 04:20 AM
Thanks for the additional input, everyone! Your voices (and smashes of the "Like!" button) have been heard and the dev. team is considering adding these items!
Devs, could all of us please get these outfits that the China region is getting?
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ZhexosCommunity Rep04-01-2016 03:52 AM

We are aware that there are users engaging in this kind of behavior and we will be taking action against those found to be taking part in it. If you encounter this type of activity, we ask that you please report it via the in-game Support Desk (System > Support Desk > Report Harassment). Please include as much information as possible in your report.

While we cannot release individual results regarding the investigations we conduct, you can rest assured that we take this seriously and will be carefully looking into each report we receive.
Feeding in the Feast for Esos
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ZhexosCommunity Rep03-31-2016 04:47 AM

During the Japanese PvP stream "Adrenaline Rush TV," Yoshida explained that morale won't take effect inside of the Feast and that the dev. team is having trouble figuring out how they should move forward with the attribute. They also considered removing it entirely. The dev. team is continuing to look into it with thoughts such as making it so morale doesn't directly make players stronger, but does strengthen them in a different matter.

That said, we would like to hear your comments and suggestions regarding morale so the dev. team can use them as reference.

Also, we would like to gather any feedback you may have after trying out the changes made in Patch 3.25, so please be sure to send them in as well!
3.2 PvP: Feast Game Mode Discussion Thread.
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BayohneCommunity Rep03-30-2016 04:09 AM

Sorry for the confusion caused by our Q&A summary!

The question that Yoshida was asked during the LIVE letter was more specifically "Are you going to sell the Chinese dress in all regions?" and less "Are you going to implement it?" (which is what the current Q reads as). Yoshida commented that they don't want to add too many things for sale, but in instances like where the Lightning Returns gear was made available for sale due to overwhelming demand for it, they want to hear from everyone. This is why he asked for comments to be made on the forum. This doesn't imply that they're not aware of this thread, as we have forwarded it to the team, but more they wanted to get a wider view of feedback from all regions.

Apologies that our fairly dry and "to the point" Q&A summary caused some concern!
Devs, could all of us please get these outfits that the China region is getting?
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ZhexosCommunity Rep03-30-2016 02:56 AM
Hello Zeno_McDohl,

Nice catch!

During the stream, Yoshida showed off an image (the one you pointed out) of a new dungeon-like content which is currently planned for release in Patch 3.3. It's being referred to internally as the Treasure Hunter dungeon.

Uncovering treasure maps, such as a timeworn dragonskin map, may sometimes reveal an entrance to the dungeon instead of the usual treasure chest. Once revealed, players have the option to challenge it or not, and by entering, players would need to clear out the monsters within this dungeon in order to unlock chests. The difficulty isn't set too high and they can be cleared without any practice. The image shown was just an example of the final room players can reach, which is filled with treasures. Players would need to do something to levers located in the rooms; however, the full details will be shrouded in mystery for now!
Treasure Hunting dungeons
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ZhexosCommunity Rep03-22-2016 03:12 AM

I'd like to share a comment from Yoshi-P in response to the mentor system.

Naoki_Yoshida's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Naoki_YoshidaView Post
Hello, everyone. Producer and Director Yoshida here.

First, let me thank you all for all the feedback on the mentor system. We’ve been poring over the feedback gathered from players around the globe since the system went live.

I’ve also been spending my time in-game as a mentor as well, and with my experiences and your feedback in mind, I’d like to take a moment to go over the current state and future plans of the mentor system.
  • Adjustments to the requirements to be considered a “New Adventurer”
    We’ve received feedback mentioning that the requirement of having 40 hours of play time or less to be considered a “New Adventurer” is not long enough to have a chance to thoroughly experience the wide breadth of content available in FFXIV. Considering that the first expansion pack is available and that the level cap has been raised to 60, we will be adjusting it so the “New Beginner” status will remain until players complete the main scenario quest “Before the Dawn” and when their play time exceeds 168 hours.

    With this change, mentors will be able to support beginners not only up until they reach level 50 and complete the 2.0 main scenario, “The Ultimate Weapon,” but they can continue to offer support on the raising of item levels through the gathering of tomestones and such. This adjustment will be made as soon as possible, without waiting for Patch 3.3.

    Along with this change, the players who no longer have the “New Adventurer” status because their play time has exceeded 40 hours will once again be eligible to designate themselves as “New Adventurers.”
  • Requirements to become a mentor and the mentor population
    There are many players who fulfill the requirements and have become mentors, which is great thing. However, on certain Worlds, there is an issue where there are too many mentors which leads to them being unable to join the Novice Network.

    There have been suggestions saying that the requirements to become a mentor should be stricter but due to the following reasons, we have no plans to make any changes at this time.

    Upon finalizing the requirements to become a mentor, we have investigated the achievement data of active players on all Worlds and set them under the assumption where a certain number of mentors will be active on all Worlds at any given hour.
    As a result, the number of players who became a mentor is higher than what the development and operations teams had anticipated. However, there is a large difference between the three regions.

    Japanese players tend to play a large variety of content which makes the requirements to become a mentor seem quite simple. However, North American and European trend more towards focusing specifically on certain types of content instead. With that said, the requirements to become mentor will remain as they are for now. (We may revise the requirements as we progress through future patches though.)

    We are planning to adjust the following points in order to address the issue where active mentors are unable to join the Novice Network because it’s always full.
  • Inactive Mentors
    To allow mentors the opportunity to join the Novice Network more frequently, we have implemented a feature in Patch 3.21 where mentors who have been inactive for a certain period of time will be removed automatically from the chat channel. We’re planning to implement a feature where mentors can manually join or leave the Novice Network in a future update.
  • Configuring the Novice Network auto-join
    Being a mentor to new players can be considered an aspect of role play and it also servers to hasten the matching of players who have not completed the content, so I’m very happy that there are lots of players who decided to become a mentor. However, I believe that not all mentors are planning on assisting new players via the Novice Network, but instead, they plan to do so through regular game play.

    Currently, all mentors will be added to the Novice Network automatically, but we are planning to implement a text command that will toggle the auto-join to the chat channel in Patch 3.25. After Patch 3.25, the auto-join feature will be set to “Off” by default and those who wish to join the Novice Network will be able to do so proactively so they can better assist beginners.
  • Expansion of the Mentor System
    We have also received a large amount of feedback asking for the ability to display which field a mentor specializes in. Especially for those players who became a mentor by accomplishing the achievement requirements for Disciples of the Hand/Land and feel they aren’t qualified to offer support regarding high-level battle content.

    To address this, we are considering adding a DoH/DoL mentor icon and a separate battle class mentor icon other than the existing crown and would allow mentors to set the type of icon they would like on their own. In addition, we are looking into adding a “PvP mentor” option which the community reps have recently touched on as well.
  • Conversations in the Novice Network
    We have received feedback saying that there have been instances where discussions relating to high-level/endgame content and perhaps even spoilers for the main scenario, which has nothing to do with an advice to beginners, take place on the Novice Network. Since the mentor system was recently introduced and there are large number of players who became mentors, there tends to be times where the conversation may stray a bit.

    However, I imagine that mentors are also getting used to the chat channel and there are times where they may be trying to make the Novice Network look active by holding various types of conversation. So for now, we will continue to monitor the situation, but we’re not thinking about applying any strict guidelines or rules.

    With that said, there may be a lot of beginners who are looking forward to experiencing the story for themselves, so we ask that mentors please try and avoid conversations that may lead to major spoilers!
  • Invitation to the Novice Network
    Both the development and operations teams are checking the trends in regards to mentors and beginners through the chat logs on the Novice Network. But as I mentioned earlier, there are some differences between the regions.

    Players in North America and Europe are fairly familiar with these types of open chat channels in MMORPGs, especially where mentors tend to actively invite beginners. However, in Japan, we often see cases where players are not used to inviting beginners, or cases where some mentors don’t know about the necessity of inviting beginners to the Novice Network.

    Regarding the need to manually invite beginners to the Novice Network, we have received a lot of feedback asking to allow beginners to join the channel automatically or to display a confirmation window when the beginners receive an invitation.

    In regards to the auto-join possibility for beginners, there would be no safeguard against RMT characters joining the Novice Network and due to this we ask that mentors make the decision whether to invite a character or not based on the character’s name.

    With the idea of displaying a confirmation window when the beginners receive an invite, there may be cases where new players don’t understand what the notice means, or where it can become a hassle if confirmation windows are constantly popping up because of mentor invites. With these cases in mind, we’ll continue to monitor the situation before we decide to make adjustments.

    However, sending an invite to beginners under the current system requires that mentors run a player search and send an invite manually from the resulting list, which is a bit cumbersome. So first, we would like to improve the system by adding a search button on the Novice Network where they can simply click the button to search the beginners and send invites from there.
Also we would like to quickly implement various minor updates and further increase the activity between mentors and beginners so we would like to ask you to continue to give us all of your feedback!
Novice Network Feedback for SE
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EU_Community_TeamCommunity Rep03-21-2016 07:30 PM

Yes, you may have someone accompany your performance in your entry video.
To quote the rules:

You may collaborate with other people; however, only (1) prize will be awarded per entry, if selected.
We are looking forward to the amazing entries from everyone!
Heavensward Music Contest (EU) - Discussion Thread
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dartamarant(ITEM) Forager's Slops12 hours ago

GP II, GP II, Gathering I, Gathering I, Perception I

dartamarant(ITEM) Hamlet Puller's Hat13 hours ago

GP IV, Gathering II, Perception II, Perception II, Perception I

dartamarant(ITEM) Militia Bracelets13 hours ago

GP IV, GP III, GP III, Perception II, Gathering II

GP III, GP III, Gathering II, Perception II,GP II

dartamarant(ITEM) Forager's Vest14 hours ago

Gathering II, Gathering II, Gathering II, Perception I, Perception I

jbouchard85(ITEM) Sagolii Monkfish2 days ago

I caught this at 1230am mooching Sandfish with Sand Leech bait. Sangoli Desert. Tried at Sangoli Dunes and never once caught a Sandfish, caught HQ Sandfish and mooched Monkfish within 5min at Sangoli Desert. Gathering: 325 Perception: 235.

novally(ITEM) Bouillon Cube2 days ago

Can be found in Idyllshire at the Scrip Exchange woman, Pos. x 5.7 / y 7.0

phoenixaquarius(ITEM) Camlet3 days ago

WVR craftable token used for Supra turn in @ Mor Dhona Supra vendor

ashari(ITEM) Loaghtan Filet3 days ago

50 Blue crafting scrips in Idleshire (5x Loaghtan Filet)

misolo(ITEM) Silkworm Cocoon3 days ago

Forêt De Sombrelinceul > Forêt de l'est > X=21.5; Y=26.9
Point de récolte intacte - Slot 4 - 1:00 à 4:00

mastertag(FATE) Book Of Pride3 days ago

Perso 5 min il as apparut xd

tazzer(ITEM) Shaded Visor4 days ago

/visor gives it a red glow!

orientalis(ITEM) Shadowhisker4 days ago

You need the lvl 53 Job-quest, you can not fish it before

Granas Nightroad(ITEM) Housemaid's Apron Dress6 days ago

Unfortunately, This item is locked in for JP Players atm. Last thing I heard it was a Promotion with some Store that buying specific items gets you points to get this set. The Male Version is the same way.

punkin27(ITEM) Pudding Flesh8 days ago

I just received this as a drop from a Gelato in the FATE Sugar,Sugar Coerthas Western Highlands - Riversmeet (26-18). I found this to be odd since gelato usually drop gelato flesh. But, it happened none the less. Cheers!

Petiroi Magiroi(MOUNT) Gobwalker8 days ago

Guaranteed drop in A4S (Burden of the Father - Savage).
Only one can drop at each clear and you have to win the roll to earn it. You can't roll if you already have it. It can fly, but there aren't any hotbar action yet.

kiina(ITEM) Clown Loach8 days ago


halobump(ITEM) Mhachi Farthing9 days ago

Turn this into Bertana in Idyllshire (5,5 Central Plaza Area) for Illuminati Gobtwine, Illuminati Gobcoat, or Illuminati Gobdip. This can then be traded with Seika, selecting "Repairing Artifact Armour" (Idyllshire 6,7) to upgrade Artifact armour, accessories or weapons from iLevel 200 to iLevel 210.

misolo(ENEMY) Mossless Goobbue9 days ago

Basse-Noscea > X=24;Y=26 / X=23;Y=24 / X=23;Y=23

dartamarant(ITEM) Felt Chausses9 days ago

Control II, Control II, CP II, CP I, Craftsmanship I

Joselyn Mhago(ITEM) Kingcake10 days ago

As of patch 3.2 this is no longer a specialist recipe.

Joselyn Mhago(ITEM) Dispelling Arrow10 days ago

As of patch 3.2 this is no longer a specialist recipe.

Joselyn Mhago(ITEM) Titanium Alloy Mirror10 days ago

As of patch 3.2 this is no longer a specialist recipe.

Joselyn Mhago(ITEM) Adamantite Francesca10 days ago

As of patch 3.2 this is no longer a specialist recipe.

misolo(ITEM) Water Rock11 days ago

Haute-Noscea > Camp du lac d'Airain > X=13; Y=23

Geesus Ravenheart(ITEM) Fieldcraft Demimateria I11 days ago

So ... I forgot about a post on the official forums but I can tell you this, while Goatskin Chokers DO desynth into FC I, they are a GARBAGE rate of return. I crafted over 100 of these chokers and was lucky to have gotten 6. I was reminded of this post,, and did the Brass Rings of Crafting and got 5 out of 24 total brass rings.

So yeah. If you want to spend hours fighting RNG, do the chokers. If you want to get your FC Is in an efficient manner, do the brass rings of crafting.

Rob Harkness(LEVE) Not Taking No For An Answer11 days ago

Benötigt 5 . Kann 3 mal hintereinander abgegeben werden. Ab Level 50 nur noch 3000 Routine.

Minimum 15 dabei haben, lässt sich drei mal Abschließen

Rob Harkness(ITEM) Hi-Potion11 days ago

Alchemist Freibrief Level 25 3x Wiederholt Abgeben möglich 5 Supertränke.

vivoxaxon(ENEMY) Rusty Coblyn11 days ago

X:22, Y27

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[EN] Diadem, Or?

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[JA/EN] Heirs of the Sun Recruitment!

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[EN] <<BAD>> Habitz FC

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[EN] FC Group Photo

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