XIVDB has Closed

Update: 6th January 2018

As of today XIVDB has closed. I will be open-sourcing all of XIVDB v2 and unreleased v3 source code. Any interested developer can do whatever they want with it. Copy the styles, branding, anything (v2 code is trash, i wouldn't recommend using it). If you need a source of data, check out XIVAPI.

If you're looking for the lore-finder, hop on the xivapi.com discord. There is an alternative with far more data and better search capabilities.

If you were using the XIVDB API, switch to XIVAPI.

- PV

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It has been a great experience running this site, rushing to get patch data out, trying to figure out Square-Enix's little quirks with the data and the absolute legendary developer community formed to help datamine and build awesome FFXIV tools. This has been the highlight of my time working this site.

Sadly, time has come to rest XIVDB, it takes a lot of effort and energy to run a site like this. If you do not have the motivation, the excitement and the drive to build and be part of the FFXIV community then you're never going to make a good product and will begin to resent working. This is where I ended up.

The great news is there are so many wonderful projects on the horizon, I personally will be focusing on my API service that allows developers to jump-start their ideas.

- Premium Virtue, aka Vekien

Have questions or fancy making your own database?
Follow the discord link on xivapi.com.

Everything you need is open source: https://github.com/viion/ffxiv-datamining

Awesome Fansites

https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/ A hybrid wiki and database containing detailed information of all FFXIV data!
https://garlandtools.org/ Currently the most up to date FFXIV database and impressive gathering timers.
https://apkallufalls.com/ A website which allows anyone to view the achievements, mounts and minions of any character, along with how to get them. Soon(tm) to have Achievement Ranking!
https://ffxivteamcraft.com/ Create and share crafting lists with custom layers, add anything to a list (items, materia!). Links to information from Garland Tools and provides market prices.
http://na.lodestone.raelys.com/ Lodestone News: Get all the latest lodestone information in your discords
https://triad.raelys.com/ Another Triple Triad Tracker: Another website for tracking your Final Fantasy XIV Triple Triad card collection.
http://seraymeric.com Ser Aymeric is a Discord bot packed with features that empower you, as Discord owners to effectively manage your servers but also help your members to engage with your community.
https://xivanalysis.com/ Automated performance analysis and suggestion platform for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, using data sourced from FF Logs.
https://xivapi.com/ A free open source, community driven API for FFXIV