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"Greetings, You may not have seen it, but we've responded to this in another, similar thread."
Forum Topic: Low Level Roulette needs to allow Preform Parties

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"Greetings adventurer, Your EU Community Team is happy to present you the latest episode of Beyond the Adventurer's Guild! <iframe width="560" height="315"..."
Forum Topic: Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild New Year Giveaway (UK)

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Information Centre Limited Service – EU chat (Jan. 30)

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[DE] Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild: Folge 04

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My retainer brought this one.
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Got from level 25 Banemites in North Shroud; Gelmorra Ruins area.
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pls update Currency Rewards ... The Stone Rewards are not up to date
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I have caught 37 NQ & 1 HQ with 372 Gathering & 289 Perception.
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crit at 19
Aissy Lea (Ragnarok)    22hrs 36mins ago. view comment
Drops from Five-headed Dragon (2nd boss)? I think, I can't quite remember.
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Drops from Five-headed Dragon (2nd boss).
Aissy Lea (Ragnarok)    22hrs 39mins ago. view comment
Drops from Cerberus (3rd boss).
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Thancred in shot for reference. There's a tiny staircase at 19, 20 you can take up to the pipe, which I've marked with A ...
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popped 9:14, finished 9:27, popped again 11:01
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