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Recovery from Tonberry World Technical Difficulties (Oct. 26)

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Letter from the Producer, LIX

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"Hello again to all of you FFXIVers out there! Perhaps it’s because of all the recent LIVE letters, events, and the two recent fan festivals in Las Vegas and London, but I just haven’t had the..."
Forum Topic: Letter from the Producer, LIX (11/26/2014)

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"Good morning, All of you should have gotten your prizes by now. I hope you enjoy them :)"
Forum Topic: Moonfire Faire Screenshot Contest (EU) - Discussion Thread

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Mog Station Maintenance (Nov. 27)

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"As some in the thread have stated, the intention behind displaying the bonus message at the start of a duty was to motivate and incentivize experienced players to assist those who may be..."
Forum Topic: Myth Message being used to excluded players

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"While we can’t make any promises, the development team will look into whether or not they can add similar styles of paintings to the list of new furnishings!"
Forum Topic: Paintings

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"Unlike in Version 1.0, each type of crystal has been re-designed to be their own unique and individual item. Shards are shards, crystals are crystals and clusters are clusters. As such there are no..."
Forum Topic: Ability to Downgrade Elemental Crystals into Shards.

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"Thanks for the suggestions in this thread; I have forwarded them on to the devs! There is currently a message that appears when you try to re-purchase untradeable mounts and minions, but when it..."
Forum Topic: Show learned pminions/mounts/barding in item description

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"Greetings, Apologies for the length of time it took us to get a reply to you, Keroa. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I'll be the bearer of bad news as there aren't any plans to make changes to..."
Forum Topic: Fang shui, the tooth about the issue.

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Ian Carlson (Ragnarok)    9hrs 11mins ago. view comment
This FATE also overlaps with some other fates that will stop it from spawning.
Mysterious Adventurer!    9hrs 35mins ago. view comment
Central Thanalan- The Unholy Heir Gathering- 335+ Weather- Dust Storms, Fog or Overcast Time- Any Bait- Crow Fly
Mysterious Adventurer!    10hrs 56mins ago. view comment
South Shroud - Urth's Gift Caught with 409 Gathering. Supra Rod, FC Buff, HQ Spinach Quiche. Caught using Topwater F ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    11hrs 5mins ago. view comment
Old Gridania- Upper Black Tea Brook Gathering- 301+ Weather- Fog or Overcast Time- 9:00am-2:00pm Bait- Crow Fly
Tomoko Cetra (Sargatanas)    11hrs 37mins ago. view comment
Obtained from a redeemable code included with Final Fantasy XIV artbook.
Mysterious Adventurer!    11hrs 54mins ago. view comment
Lower La Noscea- Blind Iron Mines Gathering- 338+ Weather- Any Time- 5:00pm-7:00pm Bait- Syrphid Basket
Ian Carlson (Ragnarok)    12hrs 9mins ago. view comment
I uploaded a screenshot showing exactly where it is.
Mysterious Adventurer!    12hrs 35mins ago. view comment
Got one from Quick Exploration on an i90 Thaumaturge retainer venture.
Mysterious Adventurer!    13hrs 40mins ago. view comment
Central Thanalan- Upper Soot Creek Gathering- 301+ Weather- Any Time- 5:00pm-3:00am Bait- Crayfish Ball
Mysterious Adventurer!    15hrs 19mins ago. view comment
can someone verify what turn this drops from?
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