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"Thank you all for this thread! We're definitely looking for ways to improve the show experience for all those attending and are anxious to get more feedback like this! :)"
Forum Topic: Improvements they could make for Fan Fest 2015

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"Hi MusicSkypirate, While we will be selling merchandise at MCM Expo not everything will be available there. If you are after specific FF merch you should definitely go shopping at the Fan Fest."
Forum Topic: Merch Question - MCM Expo

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"Greetings adventurer, During the latest Live letter we accidentally mixed up the prices in EUR and GBP. Please see below for the correct prices. 1 Phial of Fantasia 7.00 EUR 5.75 GBP 3 Phials..."
Forum Topic: Correction of prices for optional items

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"Hi AlastorTGN, Your request should have been processed by now. Can you please check your inbox and let me know if you received an email from us on this ?"
Forum Topic: Fan Fest - London 2014 Thread

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"Greetings all, Please keep in mind that while the event in Las Vegas and the event in London are similar they are not identical. In regards to merchandise: this will only be available on..."
Forum Topic: London is Next

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"Good afternoon Wyrmlimion, Unfortunately it won't be possible to use your own mouse/keyboard etc."
Forum Topic: Allowed to bring own peripherals?

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"Hello Rugir, You would have to send an email to including your names and the names of the people you want to give the ticket to. However, the deadline for this is end..."
Forum Topic: Spare VIP Fan Fest Ticket!

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"Good morning all, Just to make it clear, you won't be playing your own characters but pre-made ones we provide. @ AlastorTGN: I will try to shed some light on it but chances are that it takes..."
Forum Topic: Fan Fest - London 2014 Thread

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Fan Festival 2014 London - Premium Live Stream Now Available for Purchase!

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"Hi Kimikryo, I mean "end of business day UK time" as the Fan Fest in London is handled by the team that is based in the UK. Which also means I am not working crazy hours right now as it is..."
Forum Topic: Tickets Sold out? Looking for a ticket!

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Loki Bludcraven (Balmung)    14 minutes ago. view comment
@TannaelLewenhart These are unobtainable. They came from 1.0 Players who used Materia on their gear in 1.0. This is what ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    2hrs 21mins ago. view comment
For the "red ligHt amidst the blUe Haze" clue which requires to /huh here.
Mysterious Adventurer!    2hrs 56mins ago. view comment
Quest giver for "recognized" level.
Mysterious Adventurer!    2hrs 57mins ago. view comment
Entry level quest giver with neutral status.
King Canadane (Hyperion)    5hrs 29mins ago. view comment
@RoseRadiuju It allows you to teleport to the nearest Aetheryte crystal to those who are on your friends list as well as ...
Serenity Angel (Exodus)    5hrs 42mins ago. view comment
32,20 was the only place I found them
Mysterious Adventurer!    10hrs 53mins ago. view comment
Quest Abschließen (Dem Käse die Freiheit) / Complete the Q ...
Tannael Lewenhart (Brynhildr)    13hrs 30mins ago. view comment
How can i get this?
Mysterious Adventurer!    15hrs 6mins ago. view comment
Ou sont les biscuit du demon ? j'ai cherché , je n'ai pas trouvé svp aidez moi :)
Margoton Sozohyre (Moogle)    20hrs 51mins ago. view comment
17, 35
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