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"Done and done:"
Forum Topic: Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014

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"Sounds like he has a previous version of the FFXIV client installed. Please refer to the knowledge base article here. How to install the Free Trial with an existing version of the FINAL FANTASY..."
Forum Topic: Free Trial Available

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Forum Topic: Free Trial Available

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"Your mailbox may be full. Try deleting your old "Read" mail that you no longer need (like old "Here's your Cait Sith minion!" - FFXIV Dev. Team) to clear up space. Log out and back in and you..."
Forum Topic: Aetherite Pendent

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"First step...use the Aetheryte Pendulum! If you have a New Adventurer (aka players with play time under 40 hours with the adorable sprout icon next to their name) on your Friend List, you can..."
Forum Topic: Aetherite Pendent

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"I'll consider it..."
Forum Topic: So... who's goin'?

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"I'm pretty sure I'm going!"
Forum Topic: So... who's goin'?

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"The purpose of this forum is for players to discuss the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2014 with other players. Please take time to read the following rules and the FINAL FANTASY XIV..."
Forum Topic: Welcome to Forum: Fan Festival 2014!

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"Funny you should ask this, We’re currently looking into adding a guest book as a furnishing item for the future so that visitors can leave a comment. However, as there are other tasks at the..."
Forum Topic: Housing Ideas and Feature Requests

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"Hey there, Atma are special items that are utilized as part of the Zodiac weapon quest and as such we do not have plans of using them in other content such as desynthesis."
Forum Topic: Suggestion - Atma and desynthesis

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"Greetings, The dev. team will look into adding Ultima Weapon (Hard) to Trial Roulette, but as of right now there are no plans to introduce this. I will update you if the situation were to change!"
Forum Topic: Suggestion: Please add Ultima HM to trial roulette

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Mysterious Adventurer!    1hrs 11mins ago. view comment
Sanctum of the Twelve (17,16) - The Assassin - Butterworm - Time: 10 pm to 11 pm - Weather: Clear, Gathering Rate +378
Cobra Jin (Ultros)    1hrs 59mins ago. view comment
If going for Southern Thanalan merchant go to 18,12 right by the teleport crystal. I had no luck with 21,21.
Cobra Jin (Ultros)    5hrs 7mins ago. view comment
If there is a merchant at 21,21 I couldnt find him. The 18,12 merchant on the other hand is right close to where you tel ...
Cobra Jin (Ultros)    5hrs 31mins ago. view comment
The fishing hole "Southern Drybone" using Syrphid Basket. Head East from Camp Drybone. Seriously 80% or more Bone Cleane ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    5hrs 31mins ago. view comment
Only the augmented crafted gear glows. Cashmere Casting/Healing and Saurian etc pieces. The Augmented AF is just the abi ...
Knives Nunh (Midgardsormr)    12hrs 52mins ago. view comment
Obtained from Sabotender - Southern Thanalan
Mysterious Adventurer!    13hrs 53mins ago. view comment
@AlisonNova The augmented Artifact Armor pieces don't glow, they're just dyeable, unlike the original gear.
Alison Nova (Balmung)    16hrs 15mins ago. view comment
I traded my augmentations in to the npc and got my Augmented Evokers Doublet but it does not glow.. Does anyone have any ...
Lady Sephiara (Ragnarok)    16hrs 26mins ago. view comment
I had two in row around 12:45 in clear weather.
Cherry Fortuna (Leviathan)    17hrs 3mins ago. view comment
He's a pain to make, but rather cute. The flavor text acts like maybe you can interact with him, but he isn't clickable. ...
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