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Support Functions Maintenance (Nov. 5)

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"The new furnishings look great in all your homes! I'm happy to see you've all been busy procuring them! :) We'll be adding even more types of food you can set around your house as we move forward,..."
Forum Topic: [HOUSING] - 2.4 Furniture Screenshots

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"Since there appears to be a bit of confusion, I’d like to explain a little bit about how the Duty Finder penalty system works. After the participants have been matched together, penalties will be..."
Forum Topic: Locked out of the Duty Finder.

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"Hello everyone, Apologies for the long maintenance and making you concerned for your gardens. In the future there is a possibility that we conduct maintenance for extended periods, and while..."
Forum Topic: 24h maintenance and gardens

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"Happy Halloween, Casca-Hawk and Kimikryo, I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with your powerbanks. Please contact our Support Center to solve this issue."
Forum Topic: Loot Bag Power Brick Broken?

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Known Issues after Patch 2.4 (Oct. 31)

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Las Vegas and London Fan Festival Premium Stream Archive Available for Purchase!

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Libra Eorzea Updated (Oct. 31)

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Recovery from Steam Wallet Transaction Issues on the Mog Station (Oct. 31)

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"I have word that the development team is looking into a new type of NPC you can add to your homes, but they may end up making your house reek of fish… When leveling fisher, the location of bait..."
Forum Topic: Housing Ideas and Feature Requests

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Meredith Aensland (Gilgamesh)    8hrs 33mins ago. view comment
(23, 24) Southernmost portion of the map.
Tenka Ichi (Cerberus)    10hrs 22mins ago. view comment
Mor Dhona X:22 Y:5
Mysterious Adventurer!    11hrs 38mins ago. view comment
Also Snowcloak last boss chest
Mysterious Adventurer!    12hrs 29mins ago. view comment
dropped on T10
Mysterious Adventurer!    12hrs 48mins ago. view comment
(26, 21)
Mysterious Adventurer!    15hrs 31mins ago. view comment
According to another website, it comes from 18h fishing venture XIV http://www.xiv-minions.com/minions/fat_cat.php ...
Serenity Angel (Exodus)    15hrs 42mins ago. view comment
Mysterious Adventurer!    16hrs 15mins ago. view comment
Directly across from 15,28 is the 3rd logger @ 13,25
Mysterious Adventurer!    16hrs 51mins ago. view comment
Kirimu leather only needs 1x allagan leather 1x dubbin per kirimu leather
Kyaan Waifu (Diabolos)    18hrs 34mins ago. view comment
Reward from a Lv.50 main story line quest: "You're Gonna Carry That."
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