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Announcing the Winners of the Moonfire Faire Screenshot Contest!

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Recovery from Leviathan World Technical Difficulties (Oct. 2)

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Leviathan World Technical Difficulties (Oct. 2)

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"The Event Schedule, and some more details on In-Game Activities, has been posted! :)"
Forum Topic: Fan Fest Schedule of Events

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"We're looking into this, but body hair would be a completely new element, and there is a possibility that it would affect some gear designs. We expect adding body hair will take a lot of work, so for..."
Forum Topic: Body Hair for males.

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"While in 1.0 the Prince-nez glasses were transparent, there are players who like the 2.0 version of these glasses, so instead of changing the current design, we will be looking into adding a..."
Forum Topic: Prince-nez re-texture Please :D

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"We are planning to make it possible to try on items with various displays, and we'll also look into allowing a try on feature for loot. In regards to trying on other players' equipped items, we're..."
Forum Topic: "Try on" option included to equipment on other people. But why so limited?

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Removal of PlaySpan payment options

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Mysterious Adventurer!    29 minutes ago. view comment
@KaitlinMS I think you mean east of Silent Arbor
Avelene I'ffaya (Tonberry)    4hrs 11mins ago. view comment
Works for Sinking Minnow too, sticking to this as I stuck to using this same lure of Mor Dhona The Tangle.
Mysterious Adventurer!    11hrs 54mins ago. view comment
One of the Itinerant Moogles is located in New Gridania at X:12 Y:12 near Bernadette.
Mysterious Adventurer!    18hrs 52mins ago. view comment
Sells the Baby-Bat companion for 2.400 Gil. Seems to be not at his location if a FATE is active.
Mysterious Adventurer!    Yesterday view comment
They are in the North of Coerthas X25/Y10 Where the Svara FATE spawns.
Moon Kitsuragi (Tonberry)    Yesterday view comment
Omnilex Nexus video preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3miofttdBhs
Mysterious Adventurer!    Yesterday view comment
This seems like one hell of hard fate to solo >,< already failed it once :/ The NPC's die like they are made out of pape ...
Lhuna Palazzo (Cactuar)    Yesterday view comment
Mysterious Adventurer!    Yesterday view comment
Caught this at 12:30 am in clear weather. 310 gathering, got it on maybe the 12th cast.
Sierra Fhey (Siren)    Yesterday view comment
There are quite a few around (23, 16) that respawn quickly, and between those respawns you can go down to where the Boar ...
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