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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XVIII -UPDATE-

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Software Token Version Update (Nov. 27)

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Software Token Version Update (Nov. 27)

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Lodestone Emergency Maintenance completed (Nov. 27)

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Temporary Halt of Updates to Lodestone Standings Page (Nov. 21): Follow-Up

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The Lodestone Emergency Maintenance (Nov. 27)

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"We cannot make any promises if a system will be implemented that allows 1 Star recipes to be “Quick Synthed” in the future, but based on the increase in stats for crafting classes and the feedback we..."
Forum Topic: Allow Quick Synthing for 1 star mats?

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"Hello again to all of you FFXIVers out there! Perhaps it’s because of all the recent LIVE letters, events, and the two recent fan festivals in Las Vegas and London, but I just haven’t had the..."
Forum Topic: Letter from the Producer, LIX (11/26/2014)

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Recovery from Tonberry World Technical Difficulties (Oct. 26)

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Slot 6
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finally caught this bastard picture posted for reference - I had 406 gathering but can be done with 380+ - straight catc ...
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La Noscea---> Endoceras Black Shroud---> Namitaro Thanalan---> Helicoprion Mor Dhona---> Kuno the Killer Coerthas---> S ...
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Lv45 Wild Hogs @ Urth's Gift (30,24) are the best. Averaging 5-25 Hides (lol RNG) every 3 minutes as i90 WHM. 3 cont ...
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Lower La Noscea- The Salt Strand Gathering- 338+ Weather- Overcast, Wind or Fog Time- 3:00am-5:00am Bait- Rat Ta ...
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Mor Dhona- The North Shards Prerequisite- **Must fish a Canavan to obtain Fisher's Intuition buff for 23 minutes** G ...
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Mor Dhona- The North Shards Gathering- 387+ Weather- Gloom Time- 8:00am-??? (Seems to be daytime gloom only. Might becom ...
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Is this image photoshopped at all? My couch doesn't have the shine yours does, even when my computer's on max graphical ...
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Central Thanalan- Lower Soot Creek Gathering- 351+ Weather- Any Time- 7:00pm-12:00am Bait- Crayfish Ball
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Part of BLM BiS for 2.4 (http://j.gs/7899990/blm-bis) The above list is for Black Mages who prefer high Spellspeed. Th ...
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