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"As we've noticed on the forums and elsewhere, many of you have begun to create your Art Contest and Costume Contest entries, looking to showcase your skills at Fan Festival 2014! Good news to all..."
Forum Topic: FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 (NA) Art & Costume Contest, Now taking entries!

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During the Tokyo Game Show, we'll be releasing new wallpapers for fans to enjoy!

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Las Vegas Fan Festival: The Art and Costume Contests are live! Submit your entries today! 

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We've updated the Cactuar Lottery 2.0 winner thread! That's all the winners from the first day, with more to come! 

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All Worlds Emergency Maintenance (Sep. 18): Completion Time Change

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Updated (Sep. 18)

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"Presenting... the Cactuar Lottery 2.0! During the Tokyo Game Show 2014, attendees will be doing battle against a special version of the Ramuh battle. Except, this time, each time a party defeats..."
Forum Topic: Announcing the Winning Worlds of the Cactuar Lottery 2.0!

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All Worlds Emergency Maintenance (Sep. 18)

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FFXIV: ARR Fan Kit, TGS 2014 Edition - Part 1

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"I can assure you that didn't happen."
Forum Topic: VIP Tickets! What do you think? (NA Fan Fest)

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Disponible dans les Grandes Compagnie pour 48.000 Sceaux
Lhuna Palazzo (Cactuar)    5hrs 43mins ago. view comment
Et Kule (Leviathan)    8hrs 41mins ago. view comment
where do you get this?
Et Kule (Leviathan)    8hrs 47mins ago. view comment
How do you craft these? I've got the master book but they're not on the list.
Loki Bludcraven (Balmung)    10hrs 32mins ago. view comment
Can be desynthed from a Shark Tuna; mooch from Full Moon Sardine at night time at Costa Del Sol Magic Carpet mooched f ...
Sierra Fhey (Siren)    10hrs 53mins ago. view comment
Mined from a level 40 node in South Shroud (28, 22).
Phyre Halcyon (Odin)    14hrs 60mins ago. view comment
FATE: He's a Firestarter
Mysterious Adventurer!    Yesterday view comment
Trade-in Weathered Daystar Ring + Oil of Time to Drake at North Shroud 30-20
Premium Virtue (Hyperion)    Yesterday view comment
@MalocusBalerion its probably as you're going to https:// use http:// instead.
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