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Announcing the Winners of the One Year Anniversary Video Contest

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All Worlds Maintenance (Aug. 29): Completion Time Change

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Updated (Aug. 29)

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Recovery from Lodestone Login Difficulties (Aug. 29)

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Lodestone Login Difficulties (Aug. 28.)

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Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Aug. 28)

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New #FFXIV Developers' Blog post: "It's a Celebration"! http://sqex.to/fZF  pic.twitter.com/qXb3Y82E0P

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Letter from the Producer 58 is live! Join Yoshi-P as he discusses the past year. #FFXIV http://sqex.to/Dht  pic.twitter.com/jxoZM8OUSV

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Take part in "The Rising" anniversary event to celebrate the one year anniversary in style! http://sqex.to/IGV  pic.twitter.com/wLTEZvXpCb

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The One Year Anniversary site has been updated with messages from the team and a new Fan Kit! http://sqex.to/ffxiv-Anniv-na  pic.twitter.com/xYaIpniAUE

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Eza Tiyu (Malboro)    1hrs 17mins ago. view comment
Available for purchase after gaining enough reputation with the Ixali in North Shroud. Quest Begins here - http://xivdb. ...
Hezkezl Mewrilah (Hyperion)    2hrs 20mins ago. view comment
18-month (540 day) veteran reward
Hezkezl Mewrilah (Hyperion)    2hrs 21mins ago. view comment
540 day (18 month) Veteran Reward
Sint Pieters (Masamune)    5hrs 40mins ago. view comment
Old Gridania - Whispering Gorge - Daytime (caught 3 to 9pm) - Clear, Fair, Cloudy - Bloodworm - Gathering 301+ - Catch : ...
Ameia Mao (Odin)    6hrs 23mins ago. view comment
I fished this one in every weather and the only time I caught one was in a fog ( fishing 368 w/food )
Valerius Aldaine (Phoenix)    9hrs 23mins ago. view comment
Most likely coming in a later update (next update?) because it's not listed in the item database on Lodestone.
Mysterious Adventurer!    13hrs 49mins ago. view comment
I confirm Thunderstorm too. 8:15pm
Airi Erminia (Exodus)    14hrs 4mins ago. view comment
Lake Tahtotl (N Shroud: 18,19) is a Lv50 fishing hole. To get these for a Flames provisioning mission at Lv49, http:// ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    14hrs 5mins ago. view comment
Fate " In Spite of it All"
Karadign Aerello (Ragnarok)    14hrs 5mins ago. view comment
Got a http://xivdb.com/?item/8150/Fieldcraft-Demimateria-III by desynthing this crafting part.
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