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"Hi MisakiFushimiiii, It doesn't matter which server you play on. Since you live in the UK you are free to participate in the contest. Also unfortunately we cannot allow entries to be edited..."
Forum Topic: Grant a Wish Contest (EU) - Discussion Thread

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All Worlds Maintenance (Oct. 1)

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"Greetings! As always, it was a challenge to decide which of the entries would be chosen as our winners, but there could only be one…hundred! The entire team would like to thank everyone who..."
Forum Topic: Moonfire Faire Screenshot Contest (EU) - Winners!

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"Greetings, everyone! It's been a scorcher this summer, but it was a pleasure to review these outstanding entries in the coolness of our office’s air conditioning. As always, it was a challenge to..."
Forum Topic: Announcing the Winners of the Moonfire Faire Screenshot Contest (NA)!

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"I was really confused about what this thread was referring to and then I realized that it's probably because the Letter from the Producer LIVE page says "* Please note that the audio will be..."
Forum Topic: Las Vegas Fan Fest in NORTH AMERICA

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"Incoming Necro-magic! While I don’t have a specific time frame at that moment that I can share with you all, the development team is looking into furnishings that have multiple objects as a set,..."
Forum Topic: Necessary Free Company Qualty of Life Upgrades

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"Yes, you get to keep your costume. We won't demand that you disrobe and take your clothes!"
Forum Topic: FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 (NA) Art & Costume Contest, Now taking entries!

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"Greetings, everyone! We're pleased to announce the special NA Fan Festival edition of the Letter from the Producer LIVE is set to cover even more ground regarding Patch 2.4! This next Live Letter..."
Forum Topic: Ask Questions for the Letter from the Producer LIVE: NA Fan Fest (Final Coil)

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l'aléa à pop à 18h46 heure française (été)
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Fate "The Red Baron" Bluefog (25, 23)
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18, 21 Confirmed
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12:26...dust storm...crow fly...4th cast
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Hi quality version offers 22 block strength and 82 block rate.
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9/29/2014 Map background has dropped/not shown on information tab.
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(32, 15)
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@mindsyphon I said it CAN be solo'd, not that >I< solo'd it. Learn some basic English and reading with understanding.
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